Being Amanda Braff

Amanda Braff is the daughter of a multimillionare couple. An abused girl finds out her mother is gay and her real dad died ten years ago. Her mother abandons her so Amanda is left with her horrible Aunt Claire, who is trying to kill her for her 100 million dollars that Amanda cannot get from the bank until she is 18, 2 years from now.


1. The Day After Tommorow

I wake up next to him. I check my phone. It's 3 am and the party's not over yet. Do I know him? Slowly, I start to remember what happened yesterday. I drove to a Halloween party at Rachel's in Kaitlin's brand new Mercedes convertible. Her father was an agent for these really famous celebs, so she always had the best car, purse, whatever. I had this really sexy dress on; I was supposed to be a cat. Since I have green eyes, the whole thing worked out perfectly. I had like 7 shots of vodka with cranberry juice and this really hot guy came up to be and started to grind against me. I could feel him getting hard through his jeans and we went upstairs. I was really tipsy so I started stripping and he started kissing me and rubbing my area. He took off his clothes and after a few minutes we were having sex. He was moaning and after he slid out of me and I started rubbing him. He was getting so hard. "Do it now, babe." he releases all over my hand and I lick it. After I finish remembering all this stuff, I shake him awake and ask him his name. He says, "Angeles, Luke Angeles." I say, "I didn't know they came in sizes as big as you, Angeles. I'm Amanda." His hands slide under the hem of my dress which somehow has stayed and not creeped up to my chest. He starts rubbing my ass and then my area. I release all over him and he makes me lick it. I do. He slides off my dress and panties and I'm not wearing a bra and now we're having sex again. He thrusts and I yell,"HAARDEER! Harder, Angeles!" He gives it to me harder and I release all over his dick and he slides his dick out of me. I slide down the bed and now my mouth and his dick are level. I lick it clean and give him a blow job. He moans,"Aman." I threaten,"Moan. My full name or I'll stop." "Amanda." he moans. He releases again into my mouth and I swallow some but save a little for him. We're kissing and I transfer his cum into his mouth, but I miss since he's kissing my boobs. I just end up getting his cum all over my breasts and he licks it off me. Luke gave me a facial and I swallowed all of his cum. My crotch was starting to get really sore, so we stopped. We got dressed but we were both so fucking wet and sticky from our cum that we just gave up and took a shower. Together. The shower was really big so it could fit two people. He stuck 2 fingers in me and I released all over him and me. Hot water ran out so we came out, got dressed, and... Found out it was 10: 30 am.  I figured I'll just stay for the weekend since Rachel's my friend. I say, "Let's go into the hot tub. We'll continue there." with a devilous grin and a wink.

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