Being Amanda Braff

Amanda Braff is the daughter of a multimillionare couple. An abused girl finds out her mother is gay and her real dad died ten years ago. Her mother abandons her so Amanda is left with her horrible Aunt Claire, who is trying to kill her for her 100 million dollars that Amanda cannot get from the bank until she is 18, 2 years from now.


2. Hot Tubs.

I ran into Rachel's room for a second and changed into one of her bikinis, the lacy red one that makes my clevage look bigger and my butt look rounder. I raced downstairs, and caught Luke's eye. I saw something flicker through his eyes. Was it surprise ? Or hunger? We ran all the way down the stairs and into the hot tub. Luke was full on naked and I could see his toned muscles. He unclips my bikini top and stares. I say, "Like them?" Luke's eyes never leaves them as he says,"yeah. What are they?" "34Ds," I answer.

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