Best Friend H.S

I glanced over at Harry , the way he was looking at Ava made my heart break into millions of pieces. I quickly looked away as my whole body filled with jealousy. I tried to get the thought of me and Harry out of my head, it could never happen, we were best friends that's all he would ever think of me... I needed to move on from the thought of me and Harry.


4. 4

When I got home I texted Blake to tell him my address and ask what time he would pick me up. We decided on 7, so I decided to get ready.

I changed into a creme colored sundress with a brown belt wrapped around it and light brown flats. I brushed through my hair then walked down the stairs. The doorbell rang and I quickly opened it we walked to his car then he opened the door for me. He drove us to the movies, the way there was a bit always but once we got out of the car we instantly clicked, we started talking and we both love music & art. We decided just to play games in the lounge instead of watching a movie.

"So Eden, did you have fun?" He asked

"Actually yeah, we should do this again."

"I agree so uh, goodnight." He said scratching his neck

I smiled," Well if you want to kiss me, you should do it on the first date."

He laughed and then kissed me, I felt like sparks were flying around us. As I pulled away he smiled and wrapped me in a hug. "I really like you Eden." He stated

" I like you too, how about we do this again next week ?

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