Best Friend H.S

I glanced over at Harry , the way he was looking at Ava made my heart break into millions of pieces. I quickly looked away as my whole body filled with jealousy. I tried to get the thought of me and Harry out of my head, it could never happen, we were best friends that's all he would ever think of me... I needed to move on from the thought of me and Harry.


3. 3


   Later that day I saw Ava talking to a dark haired boy named Quinten. Quinten was one of Harry's best mates. Ava was leaned up against the lockers twirling her hair and flirting with Quinten. I honestly felt so bad for Harry, Ava was nothing but a cheater, she was using Harry to get to Quinten. 

   I shook my head and walked to class I bumped into a tall figure my books spilled out of my hands and me and the boy went down to pick them up I looked into his eyes and they were hazel, he had black hair, and a tanned skin tone. He smiled at me and I blushed as I stood up.


   " I'm so sorry!" stated the boy

    " It's ok." I looked down at the ground

    " Oh yeah, I'm Blake." He said with a smile

    " I'm Eden." I said softly

   " Well, Eden, I'll make you a deal, I promise I won't bump into you... if you give me your number ?"

   " Alright, I think that's a pretty good deal." I smiled


    I put my number into his phone then walked down the hall.


    As I walked into the lunch room I searched for Harry. He was sitting at a table with Ava and a few of her friends, I didn't want to sit there but I heard Harry calling me over there. I sat on the other side of Harry and Ava glared at me I decided to move. I got up quickly and Harry gave me a worried glance.

I sat next to my friend Chloe then Blake came over and sat down next to me.

" Hey Eden!" He grinned

" Hey Blake!"

" I have a you want to go out with me tonight ?"

" That depends, where are we going ?" I smiled

" It's a surprise." He replied 

" Alright, I'll go."

Across the lunch room Harry was staring at me as I talked to Blake...

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