Best Friend H.S

I glanced over at Harry , the way he was looking at Ava made my heart break into millions of pieces. I quickly looked away as my whole body filled with jealousy. I tried to get the thought of me and Harry out of my head, it could never happen, we were best friends that's all he would ever think of me... I needed to move on from the thought of me and Harry.


1. 1


   I jumped out of bed the second my alarm went off, it was finally me and my best friend's 16th Birthday! My phone rang and I quickly answered  -                                                                                                                             

 " Happy Birthday Harry Edward Styles!"

 " Happy Birthday Eden Hope Taylor!"

 I smiled into the phone " I can't believe it, we're finally 16 Harry."

  He sighed into the phone " I know we are like one foot into the grave already."  

  I laughed at his stupid joke and said " Alright I'll see you tonight at the bowling alley."

 " Ok, Happy Birthday Best Friend I love you!"

 " Same to you Best Friend I love you mo- " He had hung up the phone before I could finish I sighed but decided to get ready.


    I brushed my long black hair then put it into a neat fishtail braid going down my back, I then put on a bit of foundation and mascara then sprayed on some perfume. I put on white skinny jeans and a black crop top, I slid on my black Vans and walked down the stairs. 


     My parents were at work but I saw a note on the table ~


  Happy Birthday Eden! Sorry we're not here but we'll celebrate later this week. We love you!

          ~ Mom and Dad      

  I smiled at the note as I picked it up and put it in my pocket. The beginning of Spongebob was starting so I knew my brother and sister were awake. Keradin and Kaden are twins, they're 8 years old and always do everything together, Keradin ran up to me and gave me a hug and I laughed as Kaden then ran over.  


   Around 6 I left for the bowling alley, it was an old run down place that me and Harry had gone to every year for our Birthday no matter what. I opened the door and walked around to the 6th bowling lane, the lane we used every year. I saw two people sitting in the seats and I realized it was Harry and a girl named Ava. Ava was a tall skinny girl with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. When Harry realized I was there he stood up with his arm around Ava.

 " Hey Eden, this is my girlfriend Ava, I thought this would be a perfect first date." Harry said not sensing any problems.

I nodded " Oh uh yeah I know Ava."

" That's great my best friend and girlfriend get along!" He had a cheeky grin on his face until Ava nudged him in the side when he called me best friend.

Ava was the type of girl who could get anyone she wants, me and her have never been good friends but she was always nice to me for some reason, I guess I know why now.

The rest of the night was horrible, Harry completely ignored me and just spent time with Ava. At around 7 , I just left because I knew Harry wouldn't notice.            







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