Maeve's life is threatened when a death dealing disease springs upon the human race, Maeve's life must change quickly if she is to survive. On the way she meets Kit Steele, he changes her life and makes her think how strange life was before…


1. Prologue

Bleak and brisk, the autumnal weather had indeed started to embed itself into the earth. The two teenagers had decided to start travelling at night time as the monster would sleep now. They both knew everyone at their campsite had the monster encapsulated deep inside of them so they left; deep in the night. The girl reluctantly went with the older boy. Shaken and scared. She didn't think the monster slept at night, but she went anyway; because this boy was her flesh and blood. No one was safe from the monster but everyone lied and denied their fate. All of them were going to die. The boy and the girl could no longer see the consumed and collapsing fire that was dying, like everyone around it. A fire dies slowly, thats how they'll all go. Slow and in harrowing pain, but the boy and the girl were agile and well informed, no one could bring them down. Apart from the crazy people. Not the crazy people. It started with being a little dizzy and feeling hazed; but as soon as you know you cough up blood and blood drips from your nose and your eyes. The beautiful shades of their eyes… Now red. Blood red. The two companions journeyed forward through the dark and eerie forest where they had seen animals and plants the day before all vibrantly coloured. All that remained of the beauties of the world… If the two teenagers hadn't realised before the monster was after everyone. No one was safe. The girl saw dark figures out of the corner of her eye. She didn't know if she was hallucinating and she was developing the symptoms of the monster for certain; or if she was actually seeing people making the same gruelling journey as them. The two teenagers became more anxious by the minute and more than thirty minutes later they were petrified beyond their belief…

Seconds later  the two teenagers were surrounded with dark figures and they just stared at them. Expressionless. White scleras and assumably blood red eyes. Blood red eyes. They approached the teenagers, they both faced each other and hugged each other until their senses blanked out and they couldn't see, touch, hear, smell or taste anything but fear



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