It's a short story about a rebellion getting betrayed.


2. 2

Mark was woken up by the few rays of sunlight that flooded into the tent. He walked out to realize that the rest of the soldiers were more eager to battle than he was. Many were sharpening their swords, daggers, axes and arrow shafts while others were testing their bow strings. Mark assembled the troops and then they all left after a few words of encouragement.
Troop A moved swiftly but silently through the trees. Troop B moved slowly because they had to spread out as they moved from tree to tree. Mark was the first to catch sight of the king. He then ordered troop A to spread. Troop A waited silently in the bushes and behind trees as they waited for troop B to take positions on top of the trees. Victor then signaled Mark by imitating an owl's hoot. Mark repeated the same sound thrice to signal his troop. Every soldier in the troop became aware that they had to attack as soon as the king and his army entered the thirty meter range. They waited patiently as the king marched with his army towards him. Mark noticed that they were outnumbered three to one but they had no choice. A smile touched his lips as he noticed that he had a slight advantage. The king's army was only equipped with swords men but he had archers. The tension grew dramatically as the king came closer. Finally the moment arrived, everyone charged with wild screaming and shouting. The king and his army were taken by surprise.

The dead jungle was filled with screaming, shouting and the sound of clashing of swords. The element of surprise and archery has greatly reduced the odds to two to one. Swords cut through the skin to lick the red fresh blood. Arrows buried themselves deep down making their way through the flesh and bones. Heaps of dead bodies were quickly forming. Mark's battle axe had chopped off more than five heads as Victor had only managed two with his sharp metal head arrows. The king for his part had only managed to put down three of troop A's soldiers, that too with the help of a few of his personal bodyguards. The scene was an extra ordinary one. It was a fierce battle between armored soldiers against cloaked men in the heart of the thick jungle. The king was busy engaged in a fight to notice a black cloaked figure with a battle axe was quickly making his way to him through all the commotion. 
The king noticed a little too late. Mark had reached him and raised his battle axe in a giant arc. He brought down the axe with great force but the arc was cut midway. The axe thudded on the ground as an arrow pierced through Mark's right hand. Mark screamed in agony as the arrow got stuck in his hand. He turned to see the source of the arrow, Victor. In a matter of seconds one of the king's bodyguards slammed into Mark. Mark's head hit the ground with great force. He got a blackout immediately. The bodyguard raised his sword high with both hands. Alex a small distance away noticed the movement. He quickly made his way through to the bodyguard and cut off the bodyguard's hand with a sword. He then stabbed the bodyguard as the sword fell with the arm. The king who had seen his last bodyguard fall as well as his army reduced greatly, called for a retreat. The soldiers heard the retreat call. Victor had already climbed down the tree and ran to the king. All the green cloaked men were confused to see Victor's action, but slowly they understood that they had had a traitor living amidst them. Many archers shot arrows at him but he had gone very far. Alex called upon some men to carry Mark.

Mark opened his eyes after two days. He found himself in a large round tent. He tried to move but strokes of pain in his chest stopped him. He couldn't move any part of his body because they all surged with pain. He lay troubled, thinking on what might have happened during the war. A while later Alex entered the tent and stood above Mark. 
"Thank God you woke up!" He exclaimed. 
"What happened?" Mark questioned. 
"To start with, you were knocked out and then Victor fled with the king." He said with a sigh. 
"Sorry, I ignored your information." Mark tried to get up but again jolts of pain hit him. 
"Don't try moving, you have a few broken ribs and your hand may stay bandaged forever, but you may be able to use it. You'll need more than a week's test." He replied with sympathy. 
"What were the casualties faced?" Mark asked as he lay on the mattress. 
"We lost twenty three and eight wounded. We only have seventy one left. But on the bright side the king lost more than half of his soldiers." He answered with a small smile. 
"Have any plans?" Mark questioned in a friendly tone. 
"I've sent ten men. They'll move around the country gathering as many people as they can." 
"Thanks for filling me in." Mark managed a smile. 
"Anytime. Now you should get some rest." Alex said with a wide grin and left the tent. 
Mark lay for quite a while then realizing he had no option so he closed his eyes. 

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