It's a short story about a rebellion getting betrayed.


1. 1

"Attention! "a tall slender man called out to dozens of people dressed in dark green cloaks. They all formed an unorganized crowd in front of the man. The man dressed in a black cowled cloak continued. "Today will be our last evening living in tents in this dark dense jungle, wearing the same dull clothes everyday. The king has fallen in our trap, he is leading his army in the jungle. According to the strategy discussed with Victor, the commander of troop B."he paused as he gestured to the short muscular man standing on his right with similar clothing, Victor. Victor gave a slight nod and the man continued. "I will lead A straight to the king while Victor will lead his troop to the trees nearby. The plan is simple, troop A will be supported by troop B's arrows. UNDERSTOOD!" there was nodding and murmuring from the crowd. As the crowd silenced the man spoke on. "tomorrow will be the king's last day! Tomorrow we fight! " as soon as the man finished, cheerful shouting echoed the jungle. "Till the end? " the man asked Victor as he put his hand forward. Victor grabbed the hand and shook it gently. "Always, Mark. " both men realized it was getting dark so they headed to the clearing where the tents were put. Victor joined some of his friends while Mark headed straight to his tent. It was in the middle of a roughly made circle of eighteen tents. Each of the tents could house at least 5 soldiers. He bent as he entered his tent.


It was a one man tent. On the left side, laid was a small hay mattress and on the right was the working table on which was a small glass lantern that dimly lit the whole tent. Mark was tired and weary so he immediately dropped on the on the mattress. The roughness of the mattress didn't bother him. In a short while he was fast asleep.


Mark was woken up by an argument outside the tent. He stood up and walked out. A trooper was arguing at a short distance with the two soldiers that guarded Mark's tent. The trooper rushed to Mark as soon as he spotted him.

"Commander, my name is Alex and I have important news but the guards wouldn't let me in." he said with heavy breathing.

"About what?" Mark asked Alex on a low tone.

"A traitor." Alex said without any hesitation.

"Come in." Mark replied after a glance of the environment. Mark lit the glass lantern and gestured for Alex to continue.

"Last night when I was on patrol I saw... I saw commander Victor talking to one of the king's soldiers."

"How dare you accuse Victor! How dare you lie to me! If you weren't one of us my sword would have been stained with your blood by now." Mark replied in a threatening low tone.

"I'm not lying." he protested.

" Get out! Now!" Mark shouted, blinded by rage.

Alex walked out in dissapointment. Mark seemed confused, so he lied down on the mattress. He tried sleeping but a worm of doubt dug through his mind. What if Alex wasn't lying? He asked himself. It took a long while but eventually he fell asleep.

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