War about Jade

Daniel,Nico and Alex are best friends, more they are like brothers. theres nothing that can break them. well that was Daniel though.


1. scared



I stepped out the building where i lived. As i closed the door behind me i saw Jade standing right there in front of me. She was smiling nervously "its okay,they will like you." I told to her. "Okaay." She mumbled. Jade was that kind of girl who looked always beautiful there was nothing what could make her not look cute. She walked next to me as we got closer to the restaurant where i was always with my friends. As we walked in Alex and Nico were already there and Serena and Amber was there too. "Ayee Dan!" Nico yelled as he saw me. He gave me a bro hug and then his eyes stopped to Jade who was standing shyly next to me. "This is Jade. Jade,Nico,Alex,Amber and Serena." I said. She waved to my friends. It didnt took a long time when i saw Jade and Serena and Amber talking and giggling like they had known each other for years. "So is she your girlfriend or what?" Alex asked as i,Alex and Nico were going to buy food and left the girls to our table talking. "No.shes just a friend." I said. "Thats nice to know." Nico breathed. I raised my eye brows. Alex raised his eye brows too and said "really?" "What?!" Nico said raising his hands like for defensive. "She's gorgeous." Nico pointed out and Alex just rolled his eyes "you really try to hit everyone." Alex laugh. I bit my teeth fisting my hands and i looked to further where Jade was laughing. Image of Nico having a Jade in his arms or worse kissing her was making me furious. Soon i lost my appetite. "You okay?" Alex whispered. "Yeah." I lied. I am not the type of guy who would want to fight, I always avoid fights. But right now i wanted to rip Nico in peaces. Nico has been my friend so long hes like my brother but right now I didn't like at him at all. The way he was looking at Jade. It was pissing me off and Jade was laughing at him. "So Jade are you coming at my party?" Amber asked. "Maybe." She said "i dont have a place to stay at night, i cant go home drunk." She said. "Its okay you can stay over. Others are staying too." Amber said. "Okay,nice." Jade smiled to her.

~next day~

I looked my self from the mirror one more time before i left my room. I felt like girl.i usually don't  care what i look like but she was going to be there. Amber opened the door and everyone was already there sitting on sofa with drinks in their hands. Jade was sitting next to Serena and they were laughing loudly to something what Nico said he was sitting next to Jade. Too close. Jade saw me and stood up. "You came!" She said as she walked over to me and hugged me. She was shorter than me and my face hit her curly brown hair what smelled like strawberries.Nico walked over and Jade slowly took her hands of me i kinda liked them around me. "Nico is being idiot." Jade pouted and turned to me. "Like when he's not." I laugh "hey man!" Nico said like it hurt him. He took hold of Jades arm and Jade quickly ripped her arm off him. "Let me go! You stupid" She screamed and i laughed. A bracelet was on Nico's palms. "Oh what is this?" He laugh and showed it to Jade. "Its mine!give it back." Jade said. "Come and get it." Nico said sitting on arm chair and holding her bracelet. Jade run to him trying to get her bracelet. Alex walked towards me "Nico has been all over her all night." He said as we watched them when Jade got hold of her bracelet what was on Nico's hands Nico's other arm wrapped around Jades waist as he pulled her on his lap. I bite my teeth. "Woah." I groaned bit pissed. "Okay what." Alex said. "How many has he drank?" I asked. "Not so much." Alex said. I took steps closer i was trying not to walk over them and get Nico's hands off her. "Daniel take this." Jade said to me throwing the bracelet to me. I took it and saw as Jade placed her arms on Nico's what were around him as she tried to get them off her. "Let me go!" She said. "Oh are not strong enough?" Nico laugh. Jade started to giggle what made my blood boil she took her hands of his and turned her face to Nico. "No its not that." She said touching Nico's cheek softly. Nico clearly enjoyed every second of it. Then she took her hand of Nico's cheek.  And her sweet smile turned to serious. "I just wanted to ward you before i kick you where the sun doesn't shine. I promise you,that after that you wont be able to be father." She said with cold tone. Nico froze. "So get your dirty hands of me! I am not interested." She screamed and got up and walked over me and took my hand. i followed her outside. i looked at her curiously. she took cigarettes from her pocket. "you want one?" she asked. "yeah." i said and she game a one. "Nico was really pissing me off." she said as she breathed the smoke from her mouth. i smiled and nod. i was glad that she felt that way. maybe i had a change with her. she smiled to me and then blew the smoke out of her lungs. i stared at her. she was something different her who presence was. she noticed my staring and turned to me blowing the smoke slowly out of her mouth not blinking. she just stood there looking sexy. i bite insides of my cheeks as i watched her. after we had  smoked we walked back to inside. the house was packed off people. "i am tired." she said yawning. "i am too lets go somewhere more quiet." i said. "good idea." she said and we went to Ambers room and sat on her bed. we lied down and talked about everything random. i don't  know how long we had  been there. "why is it so quiet all suddenly." Jade said. "i don't know." i said. "Lets go." she said getting up and pulling me with her. Amber was sitting on the sofa looking tired. Serena was sleeping on the sofa and Alex and Nico were sitting on other sofa looking tired too. "i am so tired." Amber yawned. "what time is it?" Nico asked. "2am." Alex said taking his phone from his pocket. "i want to go sleep." Jade said. "mee too."  i said. "okay come on. Amber we are taking your parents bed." Jade said walking to Ambers parents bed room. "Okay." Amber said.i followed Jade and she jumped on the bed and closed her eyes. "oh this feels so good!" she groaned. i got next to her. it really did. "i am so tired." she said getting closer to me. that there were only few inches  between our faces.  that was the first time when i saw her brown eyes from close. "your eyes are beautiful." i spoke. feeling my self blushing what was i doing? she started to smile. "thanks yours are too." she laugh a little. "i really mean it. your hair and your eyes. you are so beautiful." i said. what was i talking about? why was i saying these things aloud. i really meant it but i didn't want to sound stupid. "shut up." she said smirking a little. "i really mean- i started but got cut by her soft lips against mine. my stomach was jumping back flips. her arms softly wrapped around me pulling me closer. my heart was beating it felt like i was going to get a heart attack. it was hard to control it. control everything. her lips felt so soft and warm it was hard to stop. it felt so sweet. we pulled away to catch a breath. she was smiling and giggled as i looked at her. i love the way she always smiles and giggles it makes her so cute. ugh i sound like girl. i kissed her again. but this time the kiss wasn't so slow and gently my tongue slipped in her mouth she didn't taste like a beer even though we had  drank. i moved on top of her kissing her harder she kissed my neck driving me crazy. it was like my fingers had their own brains when i noticed that my hand was under her shirt holding her by her waist. i moved to peck her lips and moved to kiss her neck. her skin was so soft and even it had it own taste. what was this? how was it possible that i felt so attracted  to someone. we kissed a long time maybe a hour? but we couldn't get enough of each others. her lips were swollen and red and i bet mine was too. "lets get some sleep." i finally whispered to her. she nod and she rested her head on my chest and i wrapped my arms around her as she wrapped hers on me. 

it felt strange to wake up next to someone. well being wrapped around someone. but i really like that strange feeling. i really did sleep well. "morning." she said tiredly. "Morning." i smiled. she moved to face me and pecked my lips i smiled to her and hold my self trying not to attach her mouth with mine like yesterday.  we got up and she went to other toilet to wash up and i went to other. we said goodbye to others and went  to McDonalds to eat breakfast. we talked and laughed and later she had to go home and she hugged me and kissed me quickly before walking away leaving me standing there wondering how lucky i am and what was happening. this all felt so confusing. i lied on my bed thinking about what had happened. i was somehow scared. 

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