The things you can't remember, and the things I can't forget

Whether or not you end up reading this, it was something I needed to write. Whether or not you deserve to know how you how you changed my world, I'm going to share that with you. I started writing this for you, I'm finishing it for me.


7. The End.


In one of the last real conversations we ever had you asked me what my biggest fear was.


I have always been a reserved person.

I have always withheld my feelings to guard my heart.


But that is not why I couldn't answer.


The person I had finally let my heart love,

was tearing me apart.


How could I tell you


my biggest fear


was you leaving me?







So I let you go. 

Not because I am a quitter.

Not because I didn't love you.

Not even because I agreed with the harsh words you used.


I let go because I realized I could not fill your heart.


But I never gave up on trying. 

I could not give up on you.










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