The things you can't remember, and the things I can't forget

Whether or not you end up reading this, it was something I needed to write. Whether or not you deserve to know how you how you changed my world, I'm going to share that with you. I started writing this for you, I'm finishing it for me.


6. September


This is the month when everything changed:


You were stressed about work.

But even hundreds of miles away from work,

you were stressed.

We were on vacation together, but I think I was the only one in Florida.


You drank.  A lot.

You accused me.

You challenged my love.

You were right, always.

I turned inward and decided that maybe, quiet was better, and you weren't the person I loved anymore.


You made me cry.  Really, cry.


You pointed out my flaws.

There didn't seem to be much you did like about me.

I continued to fight for you.


All I wanted was to wrap my legs around you.

Plan our future.

Tell stupid stories.

Slow things down.

Make your head stop spinning.


But something had changed in you.

You were already gone.

I see it now. I did not then.


Your eyes were no longer blue.

They were hazy and distant.

Who had you become?

All the growing and loving that happened in 6 months time was gone.


Suddenly I was an intruder in your life.

You weren't my partner anymore.

I drove and cried and drove some more.

I convinced myself it was for the best.

You couldn't love someone like me.

My heart was soft and understanding.

Yours was cold.







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