The things you can't remember, and the things I can't forget

Whether or not you end up reading this, it was something I needed to write. Whether or not you deserve to know how you how you changed my world, I'm going to share that with you. I started writing this for you, I'm finishing it for me.


2. May


This is the month when we became more than friends:


I became the person you could call late at night.

You became the first person I wanted to tell my best stories to.

This is the month when you started calling me before every flight.

This is the month I started praying for you before every flight.


I wanted to see your face, I wanted to fall asleep next to you.

I wanted to know what foods you were eating in whatever town you were currently stuck in.

I wanted to know what piece of your house you were working on completing.

I started to let you see into my thoughts, sometimes.

You called me a beautiful day walker.

Normally I wouldn't like that nickname, but when you said it, it wasn't so bad.


This is the long month we spent apart. 

What I thought was ending, was actually just starting to seep into my veins and take hold of my heart. 




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