The things you can't remember, and the things I can't forget

Whether or not you end up reading this, it was something I needed to write. Whether or not you deserve to know how you how you changed my world, I'm going to share that with you. I started writing this for you, I'm finishing it for me.


3. June


This is the month of many dates:


I was beginning to fall hard for you.

We walked along the water at the park and you picked me up and kissed me.

Of course I was falling for you.  How could I not. 

But when you asked me, I just smiled.

I didn't want you to have all the cards. 

You knew I liked you.

You didn't need to know I was ready to love you.


A few drinks later and you were telling me your dark secrets.

The kind of words that could only be handled by someone who truly felt for you.

Fuck those people who had hurt you.  I wouldn't. I couldn't.

This is the month I joined your team.


Wherever you went, I made time to be near.

I sacrificed for you.

Every date was a new adventure.

The air was thicker when I wasn't with you.

I developed two laughs: one that was disingenuous, and the one only you could make happen.


It seemed like everyone around me could see what I could not.

The things I used to hold onto so tightly didn't seem to matter so much.

We were partners

It seemed like I was closer to something meaningful when i was close to you.






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