Try // L.H

''Try'' He whispered
And that was all I needed to hear.

*Slow Updates*


2. Chapter 1~

I was awoken by the rude screeching of my alarm clock, I lightly opened my eyes and glanced at the time, 6:45am, I sighed and rolled onto my back, I closed my eyes and let out a loud huff, who in their right mind would decide it would be a good idea to make teenagers wake up at 6am 5 days of the week... but there were nothing I could do about that now, I had half an hour to shower and get dressed, and maybe, if I were lucky, grab something for breakfast. I made my way to my bathroom and twisted the cold metal knob of the shower, I stripped down before climbing inside, the hot water hit my skin, which felt like acid at first, but soon, it became comforting. As I was getting dressed, I heard the chime of the doorbell ring, it was my best-friend Calum, I pulled on my shirt and rushed down the stairs to greet him, I opened the door to see the one and only. ''Hey Cal'' I greeted, ''Come in'' I added, ''Hey Zoey!'' Calum smiled, ''Are you ready to go?'' Calum questioned, ''Um, yeah, let me just grab my bag'' I mumbled. He stood by the door as I grabbed my bag from beside it, I slung it over my shoulder and followed Calum outside. It had always been like this, Calum had been my neighbour ever since I moved here and since then we became really close and since then, we walked to school together everyday.


>Sorry this is really bad, I just wanted to set the scene                                                                                                 

*People in the UK say maths, but in the US, people say math, So I wrote both<

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