Brooklyn never thought that Harry Styles could change her life, until he did. One moment, her life was all cool and calm, and then Harry decided to mix things up a little. Her life was reading, and cafe's, and being a hopeless romantic... Then it was paparazzi, camera's and magazines. She didn't particularly like the paparazzi or being in magazines, but it was something that came with dating Harry Styles. What happened to them? Find out in "Perfect".


18. What Am I doing

Brooklyn's P.O.V.


As I sit at home in the living room the next day, someone comes into the house.

Thinking that it's Jane, I just continue reading, but when someone covers my eyes, I get scared.

"Guess who." His voice gives him away.

"Harry." I say smiling.

He removes his hands and sits down, placing my legs in his lap. "The one and only."

"What are you up to today?" I ask, placing my book on the coffee table.

"Just thought I'd come over and see you. I hear Jane's working." He says.

"Yep, and I'm alone." I say.

"Now that's not fun." He says. "Why don't you come hang out with me?"

"I don't know...I don't like to crash everyone's plans...." I say.

He smiles and looks into my eyes. "You wouldn't be crashing my plans."

My heart beat instantly sped up at his words, and a thousand butterflies started swarming in my stomach...It was a feeling I'd never known and only felt a few times.

Looking into his green eyes, I tried to see what was hidden behind them.

He smiled at me and I continued to gaze into his eyes.

What were these feelings I was feeling?

Lust...? Desire...?

I honestly didn't know, but I wanted to figure it out.

So, as I looked him in the eye as I nodded, his smile widened and he got up off of the couch, helping me up as well.

I turned the lights off and locked the door as he led me outside to  his car.

He helped me in and I thanked him, then he started driving.
"So where are we going?" I ask, completely curious.
"Well, I'm not exactly for sure....I was thinking about driving around California." He says smiling over at me.
"That sounds like fun." I say smiling back.
With the windows rolled down and the radio turned up, we headed out on our adventure.
It was hot, it was sunny and it was beautiful.
I put my sunglasses on and looked around at the scenery.
There was absolutely no telling when the last time I'd been on a drive around Cali was.
It felt so good and something was telling me that I'd remember this day for a long time.
Harry started to sing along to a song that was playing on the radio, but when I realized the song, I knew he was singing it out of habit.
"Nobody can drag me down...Nobody Nobody...Nobody can drag me down." He sang and I smiled, starting to sing along with him.
He smiled over at me as I sang the second verse and then we sang together on the chorus.
After the song finished, he smiled. "I didn't know that you could sing."
"Yeah...It's just something I do in my free time." I say blushing.
He holds my hand and continues to drive us through Cali.
We see several things.
There were people surfing as we went to a place where we could drive on the beach, we went on a short walk and then we drove up and down the coast.
It was so much fun that words could hardly describe the feeling.

We later on stopped for ice cream and ate in on our way back to my house.

I realized how long it had been since I'd even went out for ice cream!

That opened up a whole new adventure though because Harry was insistent on knowing what else I had been missing out on.

This guy was so ready to help me out on the things I hadn't done in a while.

When he learned about how I didn't travel anymore, he was stunned!

"Is there not anywhere you want to go?" He asks.

"Well, there are, but I never have the time." I say.

"Well, you should make the time." He says. "Where's one place you'd like to go?"

"Forks, Washington." I say.

"And why there?" He asks interested.

"Well, my favorite movie was filmed there...Or 'movies' I should say."

"Which is?" He asks.
"Twilight." I say.
He smiles. "Most people hate that movie."
"I don't. People don't pay attention. Bella may have been portrayed as weak, but Kristen Stewart did her best to portray her the way she could. I fell in love with the movies." I say.
He smiles. "Well then, I'll have to see what I can do."
My eyes widen. "Oh no, I didn't tell you this so you could take me on a vacation...You just asked and---"
"And that was actually what I intended to do." He says smiling. "It would be fun to get away from Cali for a little while."
"But Harry---"
"Nope. It's settled. We'll be going to Forks, Washington." He says smiling.
"Well...Thank you." I say smiling. "No one has ever done that for me before."
"Well, I'm glad I can be the first." He says smiling at me.


As we arrived at my house, he helped me out and I thanked him again.
But before he went...There was something on his mind and I knew it.
"Harry, what are you thinking about?" I asked.
He smiled. "Actually...I have a question to ask you."
"Ok, go for it." I say smiling.
Just as he opens his mouth, I know that  it's hard for him and that he's really worried about something.

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