Brooklyn never thought that Harry Styles could change her life, until he did. One moment, her life was all cool and calm, and then Harry decided to mix things up a little. Her life was reading, and cafe's, and being a hopeless romantic... Then it was paparazzi, camera's and magazines. She didn't particularly like the paparazzi or being in magazines, but it was something that came with dating Harry Styles. What happened to them? Find out in "Perfect".


12. What Am I Doing

Brooklyn's P.O.V.


The next morning, I get ready to leave. I need to go talk to the CEO of the newspaper I write for. I take a deep breath and then start my journey. I needed to have a serious talk with him and tell him what's on my mind. I walk down the street. The paper's company isn't that far from my house. I walk the fifteen minute walk and then enter the building.


"Good morning Brooklyn, Dave is in his office. You can go right in." Janel says.

"Thanks Janel." I say.


She smiles and walk to Dave's office door. I knock and then enter.

"Hello Dave." I say.

"Hello Brooklyn. What can I do for you today?" He asks.

"I'm here to talk about the column I write..." I say.

"Ok, go ahead." He says.

"It's gotten harder and someone made me realize that I'm not living life. I..." I start, then stop. " I have to quit the column."

Dave looks shocked. "Brooklyn, you have a lot of readers for the column, you're even a step closer to working on something more important."

I shake my head. "Dave, I'm twenty years old... There are things I wanna do, places I wanna go. I have to quit. It's gotten too hard, I'm reading more books in a week than any person does. I need to live my life..."


What am I doing???


"I'm sorry to hear that.... You will be greatly missed... But if you ever decide to come back, please you know where I am."

"Thank you." I say.


After signing some things, I leave. I feel like a load is taken off my shoulders and I feel kinda excited about it.


I love reading and I will continue to read, but reading five books or more a week, won't happen anymore. No more reviews or deadlines, nothing.

Then I realize all the free time I have now.

"Now, I can live my life." I say.

I walk home and Jane looks at me.

"Where'd you go?" She asks.

"To the company." I say.

"To what?"

"I quit my job." I say.

"You what?!?!"

"I quit my job." I say.

"Why?" She asks.

"Harry made me realize that I wasn't living life... I'm twenty, I want to do things and go places." I say.

She smiles. "Well, I'm glad that you thought about it."

"Yeah, but I'm wondering if I did the right thing."

"Don't question it. Just live your life girl!" She says.


I think about her words and smile. Yep, now I know what to do.


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