Brooklyn never thought that Harry Styles could change her life, until he did. One moment, her life was all cool and calm, and then Harry decided to mix things up a little. Her life was reading, and cafe's, and being a hopeless romantic... Then it was paparazzi, camera's and magazines. She didn't particularly like the paparazzi or being in magazines, but it was something that came with dating Harry Styles. What happened to them? Find out in "Perfect".


17. Trying Things

Brooklyn's P.O.V.


Jane had practically begged me to come to the gym with her.

To be honest, I didn't really do gym. It wasn't really my thing.

Of course, I wanted to be healthy and such, and I tried to eat healthy, but gym just never stuck with me....

She wanted to come for one reason and one reason only, because of Niall.

Jane loved to work out and would do a two hour work out everyday if she could, but her and Niall had decided to do a couple workout routine kinda thing.

So, I was here, sitting on a little bench, watching all of the guys--And I'm talking ALL of the guys--workout.

Weird as it was, I wasn't reading to pass the time, actually, watching people did just the same for me.

If I wasn't watching Louis, I was watching Harry and if I wasn't watching Harry, I was watching Liam.

Right now, I was staring at the floor, thinking.

But when I seen an arm reach out beside me, I jumped a little and looked up.

"Oh, Harry..." I say. "You kinda startled me."

He chuckles. "I'm sorry love, just came to get my water bottle."

I smile and regain my composure. "Having fun?"

He smiles. "Yeah, I guess...You?"

"I guess." I say smiling.

"You should work out with me." He suggests.

I shake my head. "I don't work out."

His eyes widen. "Ever?"

"Nope." I say.

"Then how are you so..." It was as if he were afraid to say the word because of offending me.

"Skinny?" I say.

"Yeah..." He says slowly.

"I try to eat healthy." I say. "I watch my proportions and stuff, but I'm still not that skinny, but I'm skinny enough."

He smiles. "Well, if you don't work out then...You could watch me."

I smile. "Oh, I have. I've been watching you all."

He chuckles. "Let me guess, that's what you've been doing instead of reading?"

"Yep." I say.

He smiles, shaking his head.

All of a sudden though, he takes my hand, making me stand up.

He leads me over to the weights and I stand to the side as he begins to lift them.

"What am I here for?" I ask.

"Support, to talk, keep me company--That sort of thing." He says lifting the weights.

I nod. "So, what are your plans after you get through here?"

"Well, I think I'm going to go take a shower at my place." He says.

"Interesting." I say teasingly.

He laughs.

After a few minutes, he stops then looks at me.

"You try." He says.

My eyes widen. "Me? Harry those things are heavy!" I say pointing to it.

He chuckle. "Try new things. Plus, I'll take the biggest ones off."

He pulls them off carefully setting them down.

"I'm still not sure." I say.

"Just try." He says smiling at me.

I lay down on the bench and start to lift the weights.

To my amazement, I do it about ten times, but then it starts getting to me and I have Harry take it from me.

"See that wasn't so bad." He says as I sit up.

"No." I say.

Excited, Harry has me try several other things...

After the work out time is over, I'm out of breath.

"You should come more often." He says.

I just smile at his comment.


Afterwards, Jane and I head for home.

I honestly don't see how she can drive, I'm already beginning to get sore...





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