Brooklyn never thought that Harry Styles could change her life, until he did. One moment, her life was all cool and calm, and then Harry decided to mix things up a little. Her life was reading, and cafe's, and being a hopeless romantic... Then it was paparazzi, camera's and magazines. She didn't particularly like the paparazzi or being in magazines, but it was something that came with dating Harry Styles. What happened to them? Find out in "Perfect".


14. Movie Night With Jane

Brooklyn's P.O.V.


I walk through the door, just getting home from hanging out with the guys. Jane had to work today and Paul just dropped me off.


I walk into the living room to see that Jane has planned us a movie night.


Popcorn, candy, soda and pizza.


"Get in your pajamas I've got a lot of movies that I wanna watch." She says.

"Ok!" I say excited. I run off to my bedroom and change into my favorite pajamas."


When I come back the movie night begins.


I love it!

We watch tons of things, then decide to take a break.


"So, where were you all day?"

"With the guys." I say.

"Ugh!" She says jokingly. "Did you have fun?"

"Yes, we did a water balloon challenge and then the ice tub challenge." I say.

"Well, I wish I didn't have to work." She says. "How was Niall?"

"Good, he was Niall you know." I say.

She laughs.

"I really love him Brooklyn."


"I know, you spend every day you have off with him." I say.

"True. What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure yet..."

"Well, I think you should have Liam teach you how to surf. You want to live your life right? Try new things? Liam would love to teach you."

"I don't want to get into the middle of his schedule." I say.

"Nonsense! I'll call him right now." Jane says dialing his number.

Before I can protest he picks up.


"Hello?" I hear his voice.

"Yeah Liam, it's Jane." She says.

"Hey Jane, what can I do for you?" He asks.

"Well, I was thinking of some stuff for Brooklyn to do since she wants to live her life and stuff...I was wondering if you could teach her how to surf?"

"Sure! I was actually gonna go to the beach tomorrow." He says.

"Can she join you?" Jane asks.

"Yeah, that'll be great!" He says.

"Ok, I'll have her meet you on the beach tomorrow morning."

"Alright bye."


She looks at me.

"Told you he wouldn't mind." She says.

I shake my head and smile. Jane is happy that I have more time and she's really trying to help me live my life. I'm so thankful for my friend!


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