Brooklyn never thought that Harry Styles could change her life, until he did. One moment, her life was all cool and calm, and then Harry decided to mix things up a little. Her life was reading, and cafe's, and being a hopeless romantic... Then it was paparazzi, camera's and magazines. She didn't particularly like the paparazzi or being in magazines, but it was something that came with dating Harry Styles. What happened to them? Find out in "Perfect".


2. Calm and Peaceful

Brooklyn's P.O.V.


I woke up the next morning to Jane coming through the door.

"What are you doing?" I ask looking at her.

"Coming home." She smiles.

"You were out all night?!?!" I ask in shock.

"Well.... After the movie and everything Niall and I went back to his hotel and watched TV. I guess I kinda crashed...."

"Jane you two didn't???"

"What? No! Goodness Brooklyn, you're acting like my Mom!" She says walking in.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just worried about you. We're best friends and I don't want something to happen to you." I say.

She smiles. "I know, and thank you for that, but Niall isn't that type."


I sigh. "Ok.." I say.

I went back to my room and got dressed. Today, I put on jean shorts and a black tank top.

Slipping on my flip-flops and grabbing my book, I head out the door.

"Be back in a little while, I'm going to the café." I say.

"Ok." I hear Jane shout back.

Jane knew that that was my go to place. The café was always quiet, it was always nice and peaceful. It was a place that I could escape to when I really needed some quiet time.


As I walked down the sidewalk, I passed some surfers, no doubt heading to the beach. There were girls in bikini's behind them and other people heading towards the beach.


When I reach the café, I pulled the door open and was welcomed to my quiet place...

I ordered my normal drink and then went to my booth in the corner. I was there so much that the manager had put a sign at the booth to tell people it was reserved.

"Hello Brooklyn." Stacy, the manager, says.

"Hey Stacy." I say.

I sit down at my booth and begin to read.

I had started the book yesterday, The Hunger Games, and I was already halfway done with the book. I knew it was a little late to read them, since the final movie was coming out in November, but I wanted to see how quick I could.



I sat there for about two hours, taking a break every now and then. It was a very good book to me, I was addicted to it.


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