5sos imagines #2

A bunch of imagines either made up or from tumblr. I take requests so just comment if you want a specific imagine or preference for a certain boy ��


5. imagines #4

Their favourite thing about you


Your smile. He thinks your smile could light up the whole world. He forever tries to get you to smile because he knows that your happy and that makes him happy because your his entire world.


How funny you are. Your always coming home and telling him some funny story that happened and then you would tell him some jokes lame and funny. You would always make a joke out of the serious things such as pregnancy, sex and fighting.


He loves how small you are compared to him. He finds it cute that you have to ask him to help you to get the stuff from the top shelf so he puts things purposely on the top shelf.


He loves how alike you are to him. Video games, pizza and Pokemon. You two are more like best friends and lovers at the same time. You two were practically made for each other and he wasn't letting you go any time soon.

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