The Four Realms

Alora is next in line for the throne. But when she travels to the enemies realm for a possible peace treaty, everything goes wrong. She suddenly finds herself queen and in the middle of a war. Can she handle everything that entitles her rulership by herself, or will her kingdom come crumbling down around her?


1. The Story of the Four Kings

Once there were four brothers.

They were gifted to a young peasant woman and her elven husband. They were remarkable children, each different and gifted. The eldest, Mosas had a strong and just heart, born to lead. The second eldest, called by the name of Damian, was born with a lust for blood shed; born for war. The next child, Loath, was smart and cunning, always outwitting his brothers. And the youngest, Ruven, had wisdom beyond what any had seen. But only Loath and Ruven were born with their fathers genes. 

The people of the village said these brothers were blessed by the gods, sent to deliver them from the rule of their cruel king. 

And they were. 

When the brothers came of age, they readied themselves and went to face the king.

Now the king had heard of these men, and had long ago prepared for their attack. He met them at the gates of his palace with a full army. 

Now the brothers had only each other, with no army behind them, but they were confident in their abilities. They had forged a plan, and with Mosas in the lead, charged the kings army. Damian killed twice as many men as his brothers, always thirsty for the blood of his enemies.  While he was killing the kings men, Ruven and Loath backtracked to a part of the castle wall left unguarded. They quickly scaled the wall and snuck up behind the army, killing soldiers before they even knew what hit them. 

Soon, all that was left of the kings army were bodies. The brothers advanced on the king, and together, struck their swords into his body. 


The brothers were crowned the new kings, and ruled for many years in peace. 

​But as well happen, greed slithered its way into Mosas's and Damian hearts, making them see their elf brothers as foes. Deception soon joined greed, and the two mortal brothers plotted to overthrow their brothers, and rule the land of Odrus without them. 

Loath soon discovered his brothers evil plans, and went to Ruven with the news. The youngest brother was in no shock of this news, for he had long since suspected that this would happen. So he told his brother to ready for war, and soon the brothers were facing each other in battle. 

The elven kings had elves fighting on their side, and the mortal kings had humans. This great war lasted for seven years, the only result the bloodshed of many. 

The Ruven and Loath finally called their brothers to a meeting, on a temporary truce. 

"Brothers, we are all to matched in skill to have any outcome in this war." Ruven spoke. "I propose we split Odrus into four realms, and we each take one to rule." The three brothers took in their youngest brothers words, and saw that it made more sense then the war they were fighting now. 

They had papers drawn up, and split the land between them. Moses took the land of Sindoria, Damian took the land of Lusmal, Loath took the land of Eskain, and Ruven took the land of Ashalon. 

Elves and humans didn't associate with each other anymore, even if they were family, instead preferring their own kind.  

The brothers never spoke to each other again, their strong bond of blood being cut forever. 

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