The Four Realms

Alora is next in line for the throne. But when she travels to the enemies realm for a possible peace treaty, everything goes wrong. She suddenly finds herself queen and in the middle of a war. Can she handle everything that entitles her rulership by herself, or will her kingdom come crumbling down around her?


3. Spoilsport

Hours later, she stood in the throne room, standing before her father, the king.

As the girl waited for her father to speak, she studied him. The king shared his physical traits with all of his four children, crimson hair and emerald eyes, though his eldest displayed them the best. Her sharp facial features turned her eyes into the gems of the land, and her form took the graceful build of the fae, her ancestors. She looked like a queen. 

"Alora,..." The king spoke at last, seeming deep in thought.

"Yes, my King?" She replied. Her body tensed for the reprimand that would soon come. The king did not like it when she left the palace unattended, but the guards could never catch Alora as she sliped skillfully over the castle walls. 

"I am leaving for Lusmal in four days time. You will accompany me."

Alora started. She hadn't expected her father to invite her on what seemed to be a political meeting. No, she had expected harsh words about how unproper it was that she was gallivanting through the fields when she was to become queen in months. 

"Father, may I inquire of why this meeting is being held? King Malcolm hasn't tried to arrange a meeting in years!" The king noded.

"That may be true, but now he has contacted all four realms, claiming to have a solution to our tense peace treaty problem." 

"That sounds suspicious, my king. It would be the perfect opportunity to take out the kings, or cheat us in an unfair agreement." Her father let a small smile slip onto his face. 

"I thought the same thing myself. Alas, we must go, unless risk war. But I will have my best men guarding us, and as for cheating," A twinkle shone in the kings faded forest green eyes, "you will be there to take care of that." 

Alora bowed her head in acknowledgement. It was true that her great grandfather, King Ruvens gift of wisdom had passed through generations to her. She did not have the full gift, as her grandfather must have once had, but she had enough.  She could plan battle strategies better then a general, and could see through lies like one could see through glass. 

"Of course, father. I will be ready to leave at your word." The king nodded his dismissal, and Alora bowed before leaving the throne room. 

Go to Lasmal. She had never left the land of Ashalon, it was too dangerous to be in the other realms without the blessing of its king. She was just about to turn down a hallway when two bodies rounded the corner at high speed. They saw Alora at the last second, and couldn't avoid crashing into her, knocking all three of them onto the cold stone floor. 

"Oof!" She glared up into two all but identical faces, both of whom were giggling at her. 

"Sorry, Lora!" Kyrtaar said, standing and pulling his eldest sister to her feet. 

"Yeah, Ky and I didn't see you!" Keya, Kyrtaar's twin sister speaks.  They both obviously were not sorry, as they could barely contain their giggles.

"Yeah, I'm sure you didn't." Alora looked between her younger siblings, who both shared long, fox red hair, and striking fern green eyes. "What did you do?" They obviously had done something, their faces gave them away. 

"Nothing! Absolutely nothing!" Keya quickly replied. Alora narrowed her eyes at the twins. 

"You did something, don't lie to me." 

Ky sighed. "Lora, can't you for once in your life let us have fun!? You're such a spoilsport!" 

"You are sixteen! You shouldn't be playing practical jokes on everyone!" And she was not a spoilsport. 

Kyrtaar kicked at an invisible stone. "Well at least we still have a sense of humor..." She glared at her brother. She couldn't afford to have a sense of humor. She was to be queen! 

"Go to your rooms. I don't want to see you out of them until the evening meal, is that understood?" 

"Now you've done it!" Keya hissed at her twin. 

"Is that understood!?" Both of Alora's siblings jumped at her commanding voice. 

"Yes." They murmured, before skirting around their sister, her fiery temper matching her fiery hair. 

She let a deep breathe fill her lungs, and by the time she let it out, she was once again the composed queen to be. 



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