"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


10. Recovery


Alys's POV


Liam panicked and called 911, and in a few minutes they were outside the hotel and the ambulance picked up Alys on a stretcher and we followed into the back of the ambulance car. A few people put Alys and the stretcher in the back of the car with us and then shut the doors. Seconds later, we were driving away from the hotel. We all looked at Alys with fear.

Louis put a hand on my shoulder. “She’ll be alright, mate,” he said thickly, but I could tell that he had a hard time saying it, like he wanted to believe what he was saying was true although it wasn’t certain.

I took Alys’s cold, limp hand in mine and whispered, “Alys, come back to us.” Alys didn’t reply. A tear rolled down my cheek, I didn’t wipe it away. “Alys?” I asked softly. I looked at her shut eyelids, her long lashes, and imagined her beautiful grey eyes underneath, and I looked at her curly brown hair sprawled about her. I could imagine her eyes fluttering open all of the sudden, revealing her stormy grey eyes, and she would get up from the stretcher and smile and laugh and wonder where she was, why we were all going to the hospital and why they worried about her. Warmness would come to her soft hands, her cheeks would get rosy, and then we would all laugh and say, “We don’t know, we just panicked.” And then Niall would crack a joke and we would all laugh and get into a car and back to the hotel and Alys would be just fine. But no. Alys was as still as a statue, her face turning paler and paler by the second, like someone was draining the life out of her.

We get out of the ambulance and people help get the stretcher with Alys on it out. We rushed through the hospital doors and they took Alys into a long hallway behind closed doors. We were about to follow when a nurse came up and blocked our way.

“I’m sorry, boys, but you can’t go in,” said the nurse calmly with a tinge of sadness in her voice. I struggled towards the door but the boys hold me back.

“Let-me-go!” I yell, but the boys are strong enough to restrain me. They back me into a chair and I slump down in it, the other boys sitting next to me.

“Mate,” Liam said, laying a hand on my shoulder. “She’ll be fine.”

I shrug Liam’s hand off my shoulder and say through gritted teeth, “No, she’s not, Liam. Even you know it.”

I run towards the closed doors again but Liam tackles me and sits me down in the chair again.

“Harry, do you think you’ll do any good to Alys if you keep on struggling?” asked Louis. Niall went to help Liam hold me back.

“Doesn’t matter either way.” I say angrily.

Louis shook his head. “Harry, Alys is going to be fine.” But I noticed that Louis was a bit shaky on that.

Despite the anger and fear welling up inside of me, I sat down and didn't resist anymore. The boys gave me looks of concern, Niall's hands twisted in his lap, Liam rubbing his forehead, and I knew we were all stressed out.

"What time is it, mate?" Asked Louis to Liam about an hour later. Liam checked his phone.

"Quarter to one in the morning."

A nurse came out of the closed doors. We all jerked our heads up.

"Hello," she said in a friendly voice, like what happened to Alys was nothing. "I assume you are the boys that came here regarding the patient-" the nurse scanned her clipboard, then looked up again, "Alys Hilton?"

"Yes," said all of us at once.

"She is in Room 114B. Please follow me."

We immediately stand up from the chairs and follow the nurse through the closed doors and down a series of brightly-lit hallways, then stopped abruptly at a door. A side panel beside the door labeled Rm. 114B in thin blue letters. The nurse opened the door and we went in, then the nurses followed in herself, closing the door.

Inside, the room was small and cramped. It was dimly-lit, with wall cabinets all around. Other than the numerous cabinets, there were a few chairs set about a small bed with cotton sheets. On it was Alys.

She was as lifeless as before, she hadn't woken up yet, but some color had returned to her cheeks. I ran over and took her hand, which, to my relief, was perfectly soft and warm again. "Thank god," I whisper.

"Don't keep you hopes up," said the nurse. "She fainted. We cannot tell the cause of it, but we took care of it with the usual treatment and she's gaining a bit more strength and her body temperature is rising. But as we are still unsure, we can't give you a final answer if she's going to be alright yet."

I shook my head. I knew that she was going to live. I could just feel it inside. But she was still asleep.

"I will give you boys a little privacy," said the nurse, making her way towards the door. "I will return in 15 minutes."

The nurse slipped out of the room, closing the door. We all drew chairs up to Alys's bed. I squeezed her hand gently. "Hey, Alys," I say softly. "I know you're in there."

Alys was stock still and couldn't hear me. I started shaking, squeezing her hand tightly for reassurance.


Alys's POV


I knew who killed my father. Damen. The world turned black once more, and then I was in the same house, except there was only mum and me when I was fifteen years old. Mum was shaking with sobs, the fifteen-year old Alys was holding her hand and crying herself. There was a woman in a suit with a briefcase at the kitchen table with documents in her hand. I walked closer to the scene.

"I'm terribly sorry, to you Mrs. Hilton, and to you, Alys. Your father was on the highway on his business trip and a drunk driver killed him. His name goes by Damen Welshfield." The woman looked at the papers in her hand. "His records shows that he is a run-away because of his abusive father, then there were claims that he turned abusive himself. He has done drugs and drank lots of alcohol over the past few months. All other information is in this paper."

I felt a tear streak my cheek, I wiped my cheek. Then I heard a distant voice that sounded like it was coming from the back of my head: Hey, Alys, I know you're in there. I was startled. What was that? Mum, Alys, and the woman suddenly swirled out of sight and the world became dark. The voice. It was strangely familiar, and soft and gentle. It came again, I strained my ears hard to hear it.

I love you, you know that, right?

Who loved me? Who was this person? I shook my head, trying to remember, but it didn't come to me.

Come back, please, please...

I tried to walk towards the reassuring voice, but it seemed like a force was holding me back. I struggled towards the voice but it seemed impossible to reach it.

Alys, can you hear me? The voice choked up. I finally struggled towards the voice despite the force holding me back, and suddenly the world spinned and my throat began to clog up and it soon everything became whiter...


Harry's POV


"Alys, can you hear me?" I asked Alys, my voice breaking. So maybe she wasn't in there. Why did life have to play this sick joke? I squeezed her hand, Niall put a hand on my shoulder. Suddenly, Alys's eyes fluttered, her hand twitched in mine. "Alys? Alys!" I exclaimed. Alys opened her grey eyes and started breathing heavily.

"Alys!" I yelled. Alys sat up and blinked at me, then tears came out of her eyes and she sprang up and hugged me. She cried into my shoulder. "Harry," she cried in a muffled voice. "Harry."

I would never, never, never let her go again. I was so relieved. Liam called the nurse back and she smiled broadly.

"Looks like you're awake, Alys!" She said. She rushed over to her bed. "How do you feel?"

Alys caught her breath, like she had just ran a marathon. "Tired, dizzy, and breathless," she said, giving me a weak smile. My stomach fluttered at her smile, no matter how weak it was.

The boys laughed at her response. The nurse asked us to wait outside while she did a few check-ups just to make sure she was alright before she let Alys leave the hospital. We walked out of the room and stood close to the door.

"See? I told you, Haz, she was fine." Said Louis, rolling his eyes at me.

I rolled my eyes in return and smiled. "Thank god," I breathe. "I don't know what I've done if-"

"Don't go that path, mate," said Niall, laughing. "She's already good and well. We'll have her back in no time."

Soon the nurse came out, smiling broadly. "She's yours," she said. I smiled in relief. The nurse looked at her clipboard and then looked back at us. "I just have simple precautions: she will have a feverish headache and will be aching for around an hour, it is something we, unfortunately, cannot control. But she'll be perfectly back to normal after that. But she is very tired, so giver her a bit of rest. Other than that, she is weak, so you'll have to support her a bit."

We all nod and the nurse goes and gets Alys from the room. Liam and I help Alys walk out of the hospital, both of her arms slinged around our shoulders. Our trusty driver waits for us in the parking lot, we help Alys into the seats and then we get back to our hotel. Liam and I once again help Alys up to our room and on our bed.

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