"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


4. Novotel


Alys's POV


I sat down and a few minutes later the lights dimmed once again, and the boys came out. Harry winked at me as he walked out and the concert started, this time Harry was looking at me almost the whole time. I felt heat rising to my cheeks, he just smiled back at me. When the concert was over, I walked over to the meet and greet section, sure enough, the boys were there. "You guys did great," I said, hugging each of the boys. I was not surprised to see Niall eating a pepperoni pizza and Louis eating a carrot. As usual, the meet and greet fans came, all in their emotional breakdowns, and for some reason I found it hilarious to watch even though I had been crying in front of them two days ago, too. I tried to hide my laughter, but soon the other boys saw my face and started laughing. After a while the meet and greet fans left, and I got out my trunk and the boys led me out to their van where a driver was waiting. Harry helped me put my trunk in the back of the car and we hopped in the seats. I say by Niall and Harry. Liam and Louis sat on the other side. It was awesome because the seats were facing each other. Harry put an arm around me, which honestly scared the wits out of me, and asked the driver to put a song on, which, ironically, played a One Direction song, Live While We're Young. Everyone laughed and started singing, Niall and Louis singing at the top of their lungs and acted dramatically. Louis cracked a joke or two and Niall couldn't stop laughing. The boys questioned me about my life, and then Harry got Liam to talk about the time he split his trousers on stage when they were on tour. The driver finally stopped and parked at a huge hotel called Novotel, we got off and I got my trunk, and walked over to a brightly lit main entrance. The boys checked in and we all went to the top floor in a huge suite. It had a small kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and two rooms. Each room had a King-sized bed. There was a balcony out the living room and you could see lots of bright lights down below of buses and cars and street lamps and other hotels and houses and apartments. I set my trunk down in a room and made my way towards the balcony. There was a light breeze picking up, it combed through my curly brown hair. I directed my stormy grey eyes down to the cars passing by and the rest of London. I could almost imagine mum flying in a plane right now, probably staring her grey eyes out that looked so much like mine out in the world. I heard steps coming up and someone joined me on the balcony. I already knew who it was.

"It's pretty out there, isn't it?" Asked Harry. He put his arms on the railing of the balcony and looked out.

"Yeah," I said breathlessly, staring out at the O2 stadium me and the boys were just at. Harry and I don't say anything for a while.

"What are you thinking about?" Said Harry suddenly, directing his attention to me, but I don't look at him.

"Just...about my dad. And my mum." I say softly.

"Where is your dad, anyways?"

I turn to face Harry. "He passed. Just two years ago."

"Oh, no," said Harry, softly. "I'm sorry."

I turn back to London and the lights outside. "You don't need to apologize," I say. "It wasn't your fault, anyways."

"What happened to your father?" Asked Harry gently, not taking his eyes off of me. For a while I didn't reply.

"He...died. In a car accident. He was driving home from work and a drunk driver hit his car on a red light."

Harry looked at me intently, I forced my eyes to avert away from the car and on his. We didn't talk for a bit, just looked at one another. This time I did something I wouldn't have done to any boy: I took a step towards him, closing the gap between us. He smiled, his dimples popping out, I smiled too. He wrapped an arm around my waist and we inched our heads together until our noses were touching. I could feel the heat of his breath when I heard Niall let loose a high-pitched scream. We immediately let go of each other and whipped around, where Niall was staring at us, smiling devilishly.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, STYLES?!" Yelled Niall loudly. The other boys rushed over and found us inches apart. Harry blushed and pushed Niall.

"We were just looking outside, Niall," he said, waving it off. "And don't call me Styles."

Louis made a kissy face. "Ooh yeah, looks like Harry was about to-"

"Shut up, Louis," Harry said. "I'm going to bed."

Harry left, leaving only me and the rest of the boys. Liam walked over to me, smiling. "You should get some sleep too, love," said Liam. I smile at him and nod, Liam brings me back to the room where I put my suitcase in.

"Harry'll be sleeping with you, is that okay, love?" Asked Liam gently. I nod again.

"Good," said Liam. "Well, make yourself at home. I'm sorry we don't have another separate room for you. This is the best room in the hotel, so we can't upgrade anymore. And Niall will sleep on the couch."

"Oh, that's okay, Liam," I say mildly. "Thanks so much," I sigh, giving him a tight hug and he smiles and walks to the other room, where he and Louis would be sleeping.

I assumed Harry was in the bathroom showering, I flopped on the couch and pulled out my phone, and started doing a bunch of crap on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat with friends until Harry came, shirtless, with a towel wrapping around his waist down and his curly hair wet.

"Hello, Alys," said Harry, smiling a bit. He pulled out a pair of pants out of a drawer in the room, went back to the bathroom, and changed. A minute later he came back with drier hair and his pants on but shirtless. I smile at him, he smiles back. I grab my pajamas and take a hot shower, combing my hands through my hair, and dry myself, changing into my pajamas: a plain black shirt, shorts and a sweater, since it's cold. I blow-dry my hair and comb it until my curls are smooth and soft and fall naturally down my shoulder. I walk back to the room where Harry's waiting, on his phone. I turn off the lights of the room and slide into the bed sheets.

"Is this your last tour?" I asked Harry, looking over at his phone. He's checking his email, but he turns it off and puts it on the nightstand beside him. He puts and arm around me and smiles.

"Yes, this is our last tour. The next tour starts soon, somewhere in August."

"Okay," I whisper in the dark. I can just barely see the outline of his face, but I can feel his warm body pressing against mine. I don't know when, my eyes flutter closed, and I soon fall asleep, right in Harry's arms.



Alys's eyes close and she's soon breathing quietly next to me, I know she's asleep. I look at her sleeping face for a long time, at her cute freckles and her dimples, and her long lashes. Beneath her eyelids I can imagine her beautiful grey eyes. I smile a little and reach a tentative hand out and tuck a loose strand of her curly hair out of her face and behind her ear. Alys's breathing quickens a bit and her eyelids flutter a bit, I'm afraid I woke her up, but soon it returns to normal. I take a look at Alys one more time and fall asleep with my arm around her.

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