"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


15. Not Today


Alys's POV


I heard a door open from somewhere. It was very dark out now, Harry was sleeping peacefully beside me. I kissed his forehead and rose with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

I quietly changed into a pair of jeans, a loose sweater, a wrap-around scarf, and slipped a beanie over my head. I ran my fingers through my curls to remove the tangles and then walked out of the bedroom, shutting the door.

I walked to the living room. "Hello?" I asked quietly. The silence around me was deafening. Then-

A jerk pulled me backwards and I almost screamed. A hand clapped over my mouth.

I yelled and bit the fingers over my mouth as hard as I could. The hand didn't move, but gripped me even tighter. A hand slid around my waist.

"Shh, Alys. You are making quite a racket. Don't want to wake up the boys, do you?" Asked a cold voice in my ear. I immediately recognized it.

"Get off me, William!" I scream. I kick his shins and he lets go of his grip of me and stumbled backwards. I whirled around and sure enough,  it was William. Holding a rose.

"What are you doing? How did you get in here?" I yelled. William slowly stood up.

"I just wanted to give you this rose," he said. He held it out to me.

I felt my fists clench. "Go away. Now."

Instead, William gave me a small smile. "Is that really what you want, sweetheart?" He asked with a slight mocking tone in his voice. "Oh, I thought you were more worthy than this, Alys." He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door. I struggled but he gripped me so hard I gasped and white hot pain shot through my arm. He dragged me out and through the main floor of the hotel.

"Now shut up and stay here. If you go back, you'll be in serious trouble. I'm watching." William stalked away to the receptionist at the front desk and watched me out of the corner of his eye.

I felt like running. But my feet were plastered in place. I was so scared, I couldn't even move. William talked with the receptionist and smiled and nodded, then pointed at me. The receptionist laughed and nodded and turned back to work. William returned back to me and grabbed my arm.

"Come with me," he said in a cold voice, then walked me out of the hotel and outside.

It was a mildly warm night but a cold wind blew here and there, chilling me to the bone. But William seemed unaffected. There was a steely glint in his blue eyes that made me shiver even more.

William walked me down a few dark, deserted roads. "Where are you taking me?" I ask, my voice shaking. William just smiled and didn't reply. He led us through a park and pushed me into a tree. I stumbled backwards and hit my head with it. A ringing pain sounded in my ears but I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming. William smiled coldly at me. "So, Alys. All these years I've wanted to meet you."

"What?" I ask, startled. "You-you knew me?"

William chuckled. "Of course. Don't you remember me?"

"N-no..." I say and walk backwards, trying to get away.

William's eyes turned hard and cold. "Damen Welshfield," he said. "I killed your father."

Suddenly a burning emotion came through me and out of my mouth. "You jerk! Why would you-"

"I have my reasons," he snapped. "Alys. I just came to apologize. I want to be with you." He stepped closer to me.

"Never!" I shout, stepping back from him. "You son of a-"

"Watch the language, sweetheart," said Damen. "Come on. You really think you're falling for a pop star from a famous band? Harry's just playing tricks on you. I'm not fooled. I'm surprised that you haven't seen that coming already."

"Are you kidding me? You know nothing about Harry! He's-"

"Selfish and greedy. Can't you see? Do you really think he would "fall in love" with a normal girl like you?"

All my anger dissolved. Just like someone had hit a switch. But the feeling left me empty inside. I never thought of it like that. Who was I kidding? I was a normal girl, a fan of a band just like millions of other people. How...how could he fall in love with me?

"Maybe the realization hit you now, Alys. But...if you be with me, maybe you can have a shot at real love." Said Damen softly, taking a few more steps closer to me. "Harry Styles. Liking you. You might not see it right now, but when he cheats on you, you will wish you'd have listened to me earlier."

"He loves me, Damen. Harry loves me. And plus I would never go out with a guy like you." But even then, I felt my voice crack, and suddenly my words were weak and shaky.

Damen's face turned sour. "It was an accident, Alys. I didn't mean to hurt your father. But enough of that. I'll just let you decide on your own. And give you some space. Meanwhile, think of me and of my words. Don't go after Harry." He grabbed my arm and leaned in close to me. "But just so you know, do not tell a soul about me. I am watching you, wherever you go. So don't take first chances."

Damen gave me a smirk and sprinted away, disappearing into the darkness. My head was spinning. What just happened? Was I dreaming?

I walked back to Novotel. My feet felt like lead. My whole body was numb with cold as I got back to the bedroom. I go back to the bedroom and see Harry sleeping in it, quietly breathing. I look at him for a long time, then sigh. Not today, I think. Not today. I change into my pajamas and go to a closet and tug out a spare blanket out from it. I walk out to the living room and sit in the tight space between the desk and the wall in the corner. Draping the blanket over my shoulders, I closed my eyes and slept with nightmares invading my mind.

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