"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


9. Memories


Harry's POV:


I decided to make tea to burn time off, Lou came back around an hour later. I handed him some tea.

"Thanks, mate," he said, gulping down the tea. "I'm going to bed."

"Sure," I say, sipping my own tea. Louis winks at me, passes me his empty cup and trudges off to his room. I finish my tea and clean both cups, then go to me and Alys's bedroom, where I find Alys sleeping peacefully on the bed. I smile and change, taking off my shirt and putting on shorts, then climb into bed with Alys.

"Harry," Alys mumbled. She turned her body to mine and opened her eyes.

"Shh,” I whisper. I reach out and tuck a loose strand of hair behind Alys’s ear. She smiles a little.



“There’s something I need to tell you.”

“What is it, love?”

She looked at me for a second, then her eyes widened and she sprang from the bed. I immediately stood up. “What is it?”

Alys didn’t answer my question. She dug around in her trunk and pulled out a brown leather journal. She flipped through the pages frantically, searching for something, looking frightened. I walked over and rubbed her shoulders. She stopped at a page and I could see her eyes move as they skimmed the page. Then her eyes landed on a word, I traced her eyes to what she was looking at and read:


She giggled and pointed at buildings and people all the time. She would keep on saying, "Da-men! Da-da, men!" And then she would giggle and point again at people, especially people wearing grey (I don’t know why, but she was adorable!).


“What is it, Alys?” I ask softly in her ear. She jumps and swivels around.

“Oh, Harry.” She said. She grabbed her hair in a fist and started shaking and sobbing. I comfort her the best I can, but she doesn’t stop.

"All this time," she said in a choked voice.

"What? What do you mean, 'all this time'?" I ask, trying to get answers out of her without breaking her. But Alys didn't pay attention to me, her glassy eyes were fixed on the door, her hands clutching the journal tightly.

"Alys. Alys, love," I whisper as gently as I could. "It's just me."

Her face is so pale and she is frozen on the spot. I don't know what to do, just looking at her broke my heart.

"Boys! Boys, come over here! Now!" I yell, still holding Alys. "Now! Come over-"

Niall barged in the room, his blonde hair tousled and his face flushed. Liam and Louis came next, nearly tripping over Niall.

"What is it, mate?" Asked Louis worriedly. The boys came over and took one look at Alys and knew why.

"Alys, love," said Liam worriedly. Alys's breath became shallow and then abruptly stopped. Her eyes closed and her body went limp and fell. "Alys!" I yelled, catching her from falling on the ground at the last moment. My eyes start tearing up and I don't bother to wipe them away as they fall on my cheeks. I pick Alys up in my arms and set her gently on the bed. Looking at her, I gather my fists with my hair and scream.


Alys's POV:


The last thing I remembered was black dots swimming in the corners of my eyes, then I went limp, my eyes closing. I heard someone yell "Alys!", but it is so far away and distant that I can't seem to concentrate on it. I'm whirling in a black hole, then I'm torpedoed down back to Earth, falling and falling and then I hit something hard. It took a while to get my breath back, but when I did, I was lying down in my house. What? I wondered. I stood up and walked around. Must be morning, I think, squinting through a window in the house at the bright sunlight. I hear a clanking sound and whirl around to see mum in the kitchen. I smile and go over to her.

"Mum!" I exclaim. Mum is cooking pancakes on the stove and made some tea, and hummed softly as she worked. She didn't seem to hear me. "Mum?" I asked, confused. She didn't hear me. What was going on?

Just then there were footsteps coming down the stairs. I turn around to see a handsome young man walking down the stairs, with warm brown hair, a fair complexion, and green eyes. He was wearing tan colored trousers and a red and white plaid shirt, rolled up to his elbows. In his arms he was carrying a little girl, with curly brown hair, long eyelashes, pretty grey eyes, and was smiling with little dimples on her cheeks.

Me. With dad holding me.

I cry out, "Dad!" I make his way towards him but he sweeps past me. Mum turns around and smiles and dad and then me. "How's my little cheeky champ, Alys?" Asked mum, the same grey eyes as me twinkling down at my own, younger version of myself. "Mummy!" Said the little girl, outstretching her arms in delight. Alys gave her mum a hug, then her dad set her down on a stool next to the kitchen counter and tapped her nose. She giggled in delight.

"Good morning, Penny," dad said, smiling, and went over to hug her. Mum laughed and rolled her eyes. She took out a plate, put the batch of pancakes on it, and poured the steaming tea into two cups, pouring milk into the third one. Mum put the pancakes on the kitchen counter and handed dad the tea and gave Alys the milk.

"Strawberries!" Squealed Alys, pointing to the refrigerator while nibbling on a pancake set before her.

Mum's eyes twinkled. "Yes ma'am," she said, and took out strawberries from the fridge and cut them into little pieces for Alys, which she ate until her whole mouth was surrounded with sticky strawberry juice. Dad laughed and wiped a napkin over her face. "You little stinker!"

When everyone finished breakfast, dad turned on the television to the news. Mum got Alys from her stool, wiped her face, and carried her over to the living room floor, setting her gently down on the carpet and played with her toys. I drew closer to the TV screen, and watched and listened:

There was a woman that looked around her middle thirties. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a grey suit. On the screen, she shuffled a few papers and then smiled charmingly at the camera.

Good morning, this is Fox News and I’m Sarah Clearwater. Today we will be covering the issue of a runaway boy.

The screen flickered to a picture of little boy with spiky blonde hair, with a fair complexion, piercing blue eyes, and was wearing a grey shirt.

If you find this boy, please return and text  “FOUND” to 33454. His name is Damen Welshfield. He was noted that the last time someone saw him was in Rosemary Park on Highway 5. His father’s name is Matthew Welshfield. Thank you for tuning in, let’s get on with stocks, NASDAQ…”

So. Damen Welshfield. I knew his name. Then I remember from the journal entry from father, he said when I turned two, we went out to the streets of London and I kept pointing and grey people and saying “Da-Da, Men!”. But what was so important about Damen Welshfield?

Then it hit me: Damen Welshfield. He killed my father.


Hey guys! You've probably read "Only You" on Movellas and I have the same name for this (I don't know, Damen just sounds like an evil name). I am just using the name for the fanfic - Hope you understand. Also, over the past few days, I got OVER 750 reads! You guys are amazing, thank you SO much!


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