"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


2. London


Alys's POV


Beeeeeep. I woke up with a start, sun was shining through my window. I stared at my phone and saw that Harry texted me. I remembered last night and laughed. Oh my god, I think, and picking up my phone, look at the text message sent to me.

Morning, love. -Harry

My breath caught in my throat. So this wasn't a dream.

Good morning :)

I got up and made my bed, then took a long shower, letting the hot water splash over me, then blow-dried my curly, warm brown hair until it was soft. I changed into a loosely knitted grey sweater, a pink wrap-around scarf, and blue jeggings with tennis shoes. I greet mum in the kitchen, where she was cooking sausages and buttered toast with jam. I got out my phone to see Harry's text: How are you doing? -H

Wonderful. How about you?

Me and the boys are doing good. We're going on tour at the O2 again today. Will you be there?

It broke my heart, when Harry wondered if I would be there. It also broke my heart that I couldn't be there. Mum had already spent so much just to get to last nights concert and meet and greet.

I can't. Mum and I can't afford it.

I sat helplessly at the phone, waiting for Harry's reply, saying he was sorry or something like that. It took a long time before he replied me back. I read his next message: Don't worry, love. We'll cover it for you and your mum. We talked to the management to grant us that permission. :)

I leapt out of my seat. "MUM! Mum, look at what Harry said!"

Mum almost dropped her spatula she was working with at the stove when she saw the message. "Well, you can't miss it, can you, Alys?" She said, her eyes sparkling. "We'll go shopping! C'mon, eat your breakfast and we'll hurry to the mall to get clothes for the concert!"

My face fell. "But mum, you work so hard...and we don't have the money to buy more clothes..."

"Oh, darling," said mum, cupping her hands on my face. "I'm getting my paycheck today if I work today. I will miss the concert, but I want you to go."

"Mum! But you don't need-"

"I return work today. I can't miss it. So you go alone, okay?" She smiled softly. "Come, eat your breakfast, and we'll go shop. You've got to look good in front of the boys, don't you?"


We drove over to the mall and mum and I got a white blouse and a mint green skirt. We paid and headed back home. "Wear this to the concert," mum said, handing me the outfit. "No, mum," I said. "This is yours. For you. For being my mum and for spoiling me to bits. That's yours."


I had already sped upstairs. I sent a text message to Harry: Getting ready for the concert. x

I knew she liked the outfit I picked out. I figured she needed it. I was fine on clothes as it was, anyways. I brushed my teeth, then brushed my hair smooth and added a tiny bit of makeup: mascara, and a bit of my favorite strawberry lip gloss. I put on a touch of the rose perfume I used at yesterday night's concert.

By the time I was done, Harry replied: Send me a picture of you when you're done :)

I took a picture of myself smiling casually, and sent it to Harry. I was nervous to see how he would react.

You're looking beautiful. Love ;)

My heart picked up speed. I didn't know how to reply. I finally typed in:

Thanks, x

I didn't really want to see Harry's reply, for some reason. I just feel nervous whenever he replies to my texts or calls me. Mum made lunch, but I was too jumpy to eat anything. Harry sent me a photo, I urged myself to look at it. He sent me the concert ticket for me and my mum, I texted back.

My mum won't be coming. She's working today.

Okay. I'll cancel a ticket. We also got a meet and greet ticket for you. H

I smile, laughing softly. I reply back:

Thank you Harry, :)

A second later he sends a message back:

You're welcome love, I have rehearsals with the lads. I'll see you soon, Love H

I smile and power off my phone, imagining Harry singing his beautiful voice at rehearsals. Mum kisses me on the cheek good-bye, then sets off for work, I sit around until seven o'clock and then drive to the stadium alone. The stadium was already packed, I merely had time to sit down when the lights went out and the stage lights came on. Harry positioned himself so that he was standing right where I was, right next to the stage, and winked and smiled at me. My heart leapt.

"Who's ready for the second night at the O2?" Asked Harry loudly. The stadium thundered with cheers. The other boys stood around Harry. The boys gave a little speech and then started their usual routines as usual. Between songs I saw Harry pull out his phone and text me a message.

You look lovely, H

He looked over at me and smiled as his cute little dimples popped out when I smiled back and texted him back:

You do too, Prince Charming :)

My smile suddenly faded as Niall slinked over and looked at what Harry was doing on his phone. Then Niall laughed and pointed at Harry's phone screen and Harry blushed and elbowed Niall until he sidled away. I laughed as Harry looked over at me.

After the concert was over, I filed out and went over to the meet and greet room. I was the first one there again, Harry was waiting expectantly, and he gave me a tight hug as I walked in. I laughed softly and he smiled.

"Hello, love." He said. "Fancy seeing you here for the second night."

"No kidding," I say, laughing. He joins my laughter, and a few seconds later the others enter the room and hug me. "Alys, do you have any food?" Niall asks after he hugs me. "I'm starving."

I laugh. "Niall, you're always hungry."

Niall shrugged. "Well, I guess that's true," he said.

Harry leaned in and whispered in my ear. "Stay for a bit longer, after we go through all of our other meet and greet fans," he said. He pulled away and smiled and winked. His voice left me hopelessly breathless. I couldn't trust myself to talk, only nod.

A dozen meet and greet fans come, all crying and hugging the others. An hour later all the meet and greet fans left, leaving only me and the boys. Louis, Niall, and Liam all hugged me again, saying that they had to go backstage, leaving only me and Harry alone.

"C'mon, Alys," he said, and beckoned me over. He took my hand and I almost fainted then and there. His hand was warm and soft. "I have a special place reserved just for us two."

He led us down a few hallways and through a door where there were only staircases.

"Isn't there an elevator, Harry?" I ask.

"There is, but we can't go in it. The management will kill me if they caught us going up."

I let go of his hand. "The management will kill you if-"

"C'mon," Harry urged, taking my hand again. "Please. You won't regret it."

I roll my eyes and smile, Harry's eyes soften a bit. He squeezes my hand and then we walk up four flights of stairs, on the top flight Harry opens a single door leading outside. It's breezy and cold, but it's beautiful. We're on the roof of the stadium,  and so we can see all the cars and bright, shining lights below us. My breath catches in my throat. "You cold?" Said Harry. He drapes his sweater around me, I smile at him. For a while the lights around us are blurred, we just stare at each other. Suddenly Harry takes a step towards me and closes the gap between us, but I step back. "Harry," I whispered. I blushed and broke eye contact with him and he smiled a bit. He took my hand and we walked down to the edge of the building, just staring off at London.

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