"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


16. Interview


Harry's POV


I wake up at quarter to nine o'clock. I turn over and was just about to say "good morning" to Alys but my stomach does a somersault and I panick as she wasn't there. I threw the bed sheets off me and sprinted from the room and to the living room. Niall was already awake. "Niall, where-"

"Alys's in the corner. Dunno why. She's been sleeping there the whole night." I feel relief spread through my body. But why wasn't she sleeping with me? She was with me last night. I walk over to the corner. Alys is there, with her knees up to her chest, her curly brown hair in a tangled mess, a thin blanket draped over her, and dark rings under her eyes. She looked so small and fragile. I choked. Yesterday she didn't look bad at all. What happened to her?

I squat down next to her. "Alys," I say gently. "Alys. Please wake up."

Alys shifts a bit, then her eyes flutter open. I'm startled to see that her eyes are red from crying. Her eyes are glazed over and she looks up at me and smiles weakly. "Hey," I say, softly. "How are you?"

Her eyes and skin lost the usual glow and now she was pale and almost looked lifeless, which scared me.

"I'm...I'm fine, Harry," said Alys shakily. She rubbed her forehead and sighed, sinking down and leaning on the wall for support. I sit next to her and put an arm around her shoulders. "What's wrong?" I whisper.

"Nothing. No, I'm just...tired." Alys leaned her head back on the wall and closed her eyes. This got me to the point where I was more than worried for her, but I didn't want to push it on her. I knew she was hiding something, but in this state, she looked like she was just about to break.

"Okay." I lean down and kiss her forehead, then stood up. "I'll make some tea for you."

Alys's eyes opened and she smiled and nodded. I made my way to the kitchen and dug around for some tea bags, then started making tea. Niall came around and looked at me expectantly. I shook my head. Niall's eyes grew sober and he nodded slowly and walked away. Liam and Louis came out of their bedroom a few minutes later. Niall and Louis went to watch television, Liam helped me out. I explained to him about Alys's condition, but told him not to push it on her. Liam helped make toast and set out jam and marmalade, and I finished the tea and poured it into a few cups. Niall, Liam, and Louis dug into the toast, but I just took two cups of tea and told them I'd go get Alys.

Alys was huddled in the corner. I sat down close to her and handed her a steaming cup of tea. She smiled at me gratefully and took small sips at a time.

"You okay?" I whisper. She smiles and laughs a bit. "Yeah, I'm okay."

"Do you want to join up with the boys?" I stand up and extend my hand. She takes it and I pull her up. Alys holds the blanket over her with one and uses the other hand to hold the tea. I walk her to the kitchen and sit her down between Niall and Liam. Liam throws me a worried look, but doesn't say anything.

"How are you, Alys?" Said Niall as cheerfully as possible.

Alys smiled. "I'm great, thanks, Niall."

"Have some toast, love," said Liam, pushing the plate of toast towards her. Alys took a piece but didn't eat it.

"So, boys, I do believe we have an interview today," said Louis. He grabbed a piece of toast, spread jam over it, and took a huge bite.

"Alys, you'll be fine here alone, won't you?" I say worriedly. "I mean-we could take you with us to the interview."

"Um-no, that's fine," said Alys quickly. We all looked at her suspiciously. Alys goes pale but hides her face, taking a sip of tea.

"Are you sure, love?" Asked Niall.

"Quite sure. I mean, I'll only be in your way of the interview if I go, won't I?"

Niall and I exchange glances. "We'd better tell them about last night," mouthed Niall to me. I nodded grimly.

"Hey, Alys, can me and the boys have a minute?"

Alys nods and sets down her tea on the table, and walked off to the bedrooms, closing the door behind her.

"What's up with Alys?" Liam asked immediately. "She seems a lot more tired, worn out."

"Boys, you won't believe what me and Harry discovered last night," Niall said eagerly. He told about the rose and the note outside the door, while I went over to the desk drawer and pulled out the rose and note, then went back and showed the boys.

"Huh," said Louis. "William's weird, if you ask me. Something's out of the place, but I can't put a finger on it."

Liam rolled his eyes. "Yes, Lou, I think something's out of the place, too!" He said in a sarcastic voice. Louis punched him in the arm.

"Boys! C'mon, let's hold it together. But there is something weird going on. Alys never acted like this before. We need to find out what's going on."


We arrived at a large, tall grey building and walked inside. The main lobby was completely empty of people except for a woman behind a large oak desk. All over the lobby were signs and posters that had words that said: ONE DIRECTION. The woman behind the desk stood up and greeted us, then lead us up a few floors on a elevator and entered a room with grey walls and lots of red couches. Facing the couches was a middle-aged woman, sitting on a chair. She stood up and greeted us. Then we all sat down as she shuffled a few papers and began the interview.

"How are you boys doing?" She asked in a light tone. The woman had blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and was wearing a white blouse tucked into a long black skirt.

"Good," We all reply. I feel my lips move and I hear my voice, but I somehow don't feel saying it. My mind travels over to Alys.

"It's been a busy few months for you, hasn't it? Going on tour, meeting your fans, traveling all over. I'm sure you were very excited."

"We were," said Liam, but he sounded as if he were underwater and distant, far away. "We had a lot of fun with our fans and just being on stage was an awesome experience."

"So you're taking a short few weeks break and then going on tour again. Lots of fans have asked when your next tour will take place."

"Ultimately, we're very bad at scheduling, but we will be hitting the road again sometime in late August." The reporter laughed. "Well, I'm am very sure your fans are excited about it. Aren't you, boys?"

The interview went on like this for a while, then something caught my ears:

"So, Harry, rumor's gone out that..." The reporter shifted a few papers around. "You've got a girlfriend?"

I felt heat rising to my cheeks. I heard Niall say "Aww, isn't that right, Harold?".

"Uh, not-not really...um, no, she's just a good friend of mine..." I mumble. The reporter smiled widely.

"Well, this rumor started a ceasefire among all your fans. They want to know what she looks like and everything."

I feel my cheeks burning again. "Um, well she's, I mean, she's not my girlfriend, she's just friend. I mean, nothing really special."

The reporter laughed. "Alright, well, you're probably uncomfortable with the subject, so let's move on. Your fans have been expecting another song...any plans for that?"

Relieved, I reply: "Oh, yeah, we've started a new song called 18."

"What struck up inspiration to write that song?"

All the boy's heads snapped towards me, Niall and Louis looked at each other and grinned evilly. Another question. Tied with Alys. I dedicated the song to Alys. My god. Was everything I did tied to Alys now?

"Uh, nothing really. Just kinda...wanted to write the song."

The reporter smiled. "Well, boys, I think we'll leave the interview off here. Thank you for joining us today."

The interviewer stood up and hugged each of us, then lead us back to the lobby, where a car was waiting to drive us back to Novotel. My mind kept wandering to Alys, hoping she was okay. Suddenly my phone buzzes. Someone texted me. I turn on my phone and read it. Then my heart drops to my stomach.

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