"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


8. Eating Out


Alys's POV


Other than Harry and the boys hanging out together on the couch, crouching over a new song's lyrics, I feel a lot better. So it was Harry all along. He loved me, I loved him. I was in love with one of the members of my favorite band. But there was more to Harry than I had ever known. He was sweet, gentle, kind, and caring, he would take one look at me and know something was wrong. And he would be there to tell me everything would be okay.

Niall's rumbling stomach interrupted my thoughts. I heard a "Niall? Seriously!" From one of the boys, I smiled and laughed. The boys put away their song and were sprawled out on the couch, I sat between Harry and Niall. "Can we eat now?" Complained Niall, holding his stomach.

"Niall, you've just had a snack an hour ago." Said Louis lazily.

"But he's right lads, let's eat. It's already half past seven in the afternoon."

We all crawl out from the couch and get dressed, since I was wearing something informal and the boys were, too. I grabbed clothes and toiletries from my trunk and went to the bathroom, where I changed into a black pullover sweater, a dark purple wrap-around scarf, jeggings, and tennis shoes. I adjusted my black beanie and curled my lashes, put on mascara, and finally dabbed on a bit of lip balm to my lips. I brushed out the tangles from my curly brown hair once more, making them smooth and soft and flowing down to just past my shoulders. I grabbed my things, got out of the bathroom, and put everything in the trunk. The boys got ready and then we went out in a van parked outside. There was another driver in there, a different one. We hopped in the regular seats, and I sat between Harry and Niall. The door of the van closed and Harry asked the driver to go to a specific restaurant and told him to put some music on. It was funny, because right at that moment there was a One Direction song playing, "Kiss You". We all laughed and sang along until the driver stopped at a fancy-looking Italian restaurant. The driver went out of the car first,  made a reservation, and then came back and gestured us to follow him in the restaurant. He led us into a room apart from the other restaurant where regular people were eating and then went back to the car. Me, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam sat down in the five chairs. I assumed they put us in a different room so we could eat in peace without having fans swarm the boys, asking for their autographs and numbers and taking pictures of them. A waitress came and took our order, and soon the food came. Niall was the first to finish, unsurprisingly. I wasn't too hungry so I gave the rest of my pasta to him, which he finished as well. When we were all done we went back to the hotel in the van and back to our rooms. Niall and Liam went straight to bed, Lou had to go somewhere for a bit and said he would be back in an hour.

Harry went straight back to working on the song he and the boys were composing, I snuck up on him to see the lyrics but he hid it away.

"Hey! Who said you can look?" laughed Harry.

"Me," I said, smiling devilishly. I tackled him on the couch, trying to get to the song, but he wrestled me back. Finally, breathless, I made a final grab to the song but Harry pinned me down on the couch.

"That," he said, "Is not for your eyes to see. Yet."

I roll my eyes. "Well, you're quite good at making cheeky remarks," I say.

He laughs. "Not if I can help it," he says, struggling to hold me in place as I try to squirm out of his grip, but his is firm. He leans down his head close to mine, we look at each other's eyes. My breathing gets rapid, he leans in even closer and his lips brush mine and then we're kissing. He lets go of his grip on my wrists and slides his hands on my waist, I curl my fingers in his hair and we kiss softly. Finally he pulls away slowly and we are both out of breath. He smiles a bit. "I love you, so, so, so much, Alys." He whispers.

I smile. I roll off the couch and stand up. He does the same.

"I'm going to get some sleep." I say. "Good night."

He nods. "Good night, love." He says. "I'm going to stay here a bit until Lou comes."

"Okay." I mumble. I reach up and kiss his cheek. I leave to the bedroom, feeling his eyes on me, and I can almost imagine a smirk on his lips.

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