"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


19. Don't go near him


Alys's POV


I wake up to find Harry awake, staring at me with his green eyes. “What are you looking at, Styles?” I playfully slap his arm.

“You look so beautiful when you sleep.”

“If that isn't the cheesiest thing I've heard all day.”

“The day’s only just started, love.” Harry gave me a wink and rolled out of bed. I got out and changed my clothes, added a bit of makeup, and brushed my teeth and hair. The other boys were already awake, and Liam greeted me with a cheerful smile. “Good morning, Alys.”

“Good morning, Liam. Hey, boys, I'm going to go out a bit, is that okay?” I looked over at Harry.

Harry’s face turned to an expression of worry. “Alys-that boy, William-”

“I'll be fine, Harry. I've got my phone with me, I'll call you if I need to, okay?” I start towards the door. Harry runs over and grabs my arm, turning me back.

“Alys, I'll go with you.”

“Hey. I'll be okay. I'm only going out for a bit. You don't need to be a mother to me.”

Niall laughed from over the couch. “Harold, she’s eighteen. She knows what she’s doing.”

I gave Niall a quick, grateful smile, kiss Harry on the cheek, and walk out of the door. Harry stares hopelessly out at me. I went down to Novotel and out of the door. It was slowly getting colder. Wind whipped through my hair as I stepped outside. It was almost the time mum came back, and so I wanted to give Harry and the boys a last present before we broke apart, since their next tour was in America, and I probably wouldn't see them for a few months. I walked down a few winding streets where there were lots of expensive stores. Might as well, I thought, and headed inside one of them.

It was a gift shop. I wandered around a bit. There were lots of One Direction things there. I decided to give something to Niall first: Something Irish. I found a huge stuffed green shamrock in one corner that had scrawling  gold letters engraved on it that said: Niall Horan. I picked it up. Wow, lots of people must love him, I think, chuckling, and wondering how I would get it back to the hotel, brought it up to the cashier.

“You are a Directioner, aren't you?” The cashier asked.

“Yes, a huge one, I also met-” I stopped there. I wanted so badly to say that I've met him and actually am staying with him and the other boys, but held my tongue. If I brought out the word that he and the boys were at Novotel, thousands of fans would come over and surround them. The cashier looked at me questioningly over my shoulder. “What a handsome boyfriend you have there,” she said, nodding over my shoulder.

A cold voice behind me made my stomach drop to the floor. “Yes, I am. Hello, Alys.”

I turned around slowly and black dots swam in my vision. Next thing I knew, I blacked out.


Harry's POV


I paced around the room. “Alys said she’d only be gone for a bit, Liam,” I said, being a little more snappish than I meant to be.

Liam rests a hand on my shoulder. “Harry, she’s been only gone for half an hour. Relax, mate. She is fine.”

“You’re a bit too overprotective, lad. C’mon, Haz, look, Chelsea’s on!” Louis said. He and Niall cheered as Hazard scored a goal from midfield.

Feeling glum, and realizing I was overreacting too much, I sank down on the couch. My mind was wandering over to Alys from time to time. Then I looked over at the clock. It was already an hour and a half that she was gone. My stomach lurched. Was she okay? The soccer game was over, Chelsea won, and Niall, Liam and Lou worked on the song “18” a bit more. The time crept past. Now it was two hours. I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped up from the couch. “Boys, I'm going to check on Alys. I'll be back, okay?”

I got my phone from the bedroom, put on my shoes, and headed out of Novotel.


Alys's POV


I woke up and instantly I was hit with a whanging headache. I lied my head down and almost passed out again, but with shallow breaths, I found a way to stay awake. I looked at my surroundings, and immediately the tips of my fingers went cold. I was in a dark, dusty, old room. I was lying down on a four poster bed, but otherwise the room was empty and cold and looked pretty abandoned. There was a window on the left, but it was boarded up, so only small slivers of sunlight came through the tiny cracks. I coughed. It smelled musty and rotten in the place. I attempted one more cautious attempt to get up. I managed to get up without difficulties and leaned my back against the wall and the first thing I thought of was Harry. I sprang up from the bed, ignoring the huge wave of pain that shot up my head and leg. The bed gave away a huge squeak as I jumped up. I heard quick footsteps approaching, and soon enough, Damen was there at the doorway, his face split into a evil smile.

“I see that you are awake, Alys.” He said, walking slowly towards me. “Good. You passed out at the gift shop, so I was honored to bring you here in my arms, like you should be always.”

“Jerk.” I say. “You killed my father. I probably could’ve loved you but you’re not smart enough to see that I would never fall for a guy who purposely crashed into my dad.”

Damen whistled, still grinning. “Harsh words for a beautiful girl.” He held up his hands. “Okay, okay, you have it your way, Alys. I thought I just wanted to have...a bit of fun with you.” I felt myself turn cold.

“How is your leg doing?” Damen asked, averting his eyes to my ankle.

“What do you mean?” I asked forcefully. I looked down and my ankle and sucked in a sharp breath. There was a huge, deep gash circling my ankle and was covered with crimson blood. I squeezed my eyes shut. No, this was not happening, this was not happening…

“Surprised much?” Damen said. He took a few more steps closer to me.

“You did this to me?” I whispered. Damen shook his head, restraining a smile. “How could I, love?” He said mockingly. I felt my insides turn to ice. Damen took a few more steps closer to me so that we were face to face. I gritted my teeth. “Go. Away.” I said in a hard voice. Damen smirked. “Aw, c’mon, Alys. Don't push me like that.” Damen wrapped an arm around my waist.

I pushed him backwards. “I said, go away! Did you not hear me?” I yelled. Damen only smirked again, wrapped an arm around me and pinned me against the wall so that I couldn't move. I felt hopeless, trying to squirm out of his grip, but it was so tight that I soon found myself limp. He smiled and gave me a rough kiss, shoving his tongue in my mouth, then let me go. I stumbled and fell backwards on the bed.

“Hey, Alys,” said Damen suddenly, “I have a good idea.” He took something shiny and glittering out of his pocket. I screamed, horrified. It was a knife.

“I wanna add to the cut earlier.” He smirked, then added thoughtfully: “To whoever put that there.”

He walked towards me, his knife in his hand. I scrambled back on the bed. “You’re just going to cut me? After you kissed me? What madman are you?” I yelled, sweat breaking out on my forehead.

Damen stopped and smiled. “Because I've changed my mind. You’ve been bad, going around with famous Harry Styles, just like that. You think you love him? You think he loves you? Ha. Not a chance. No celebrity falls in love with a minor fan. So this is your lesson, and if you have the brains enough to do it, then you won't get hurt anymore. I'll only say this once. Don't go near him again.” He got closer to me and took out the knife. I just let him do it. I closed my eyes tightly and felt the cold blade slice across my skin, and gritting my teeth, I screamed as the hot, searing pain took over me.

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