"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


1. Concert at the O2

Alys's POV

I am just a normal girl.

I have curly, shoulder-length brown hair, stunning stormy grey eyes, olive-toned skin, really deep dimples on both sides of my cheeks, long eyelashes, and a small clump of freckles dotting around my nose and a bit spilling on my cheeks. I go by Alys Hilton. I'm seventeen years old. And I'm a Directioner.

I've been obsessed with One Direction for many years. Mum too (for some reason, maybe she caught on with my obsession). Mum and I live in a tiny apartment home, with two bedrooms, a small living room, kitchen, and guest bedroom. It wasn't much.

My dad died two years ago, in a car crash. Ever since then I've spent time I've been looking at pictures and watching videos on Youtube of five (four now) singing boys, for basically my entire existence.

It is my eighteenth birthday, July 4th, and mum decided that we were going to go to the One Direction concert at the O2. It was perfect, since I've never been to one live, and I guess mum wanted to make me as happy as possible. She was smiling brighter than I had ever seen her before. I know the concert must've costed her a lot of money, but I loved her and I knew she was willing to give me a special present.

"The concert's today at 8 o'clock," said mum, beaming. Her eyes were sparkling mischievously, like she had planned something more than just a concert, but I wondered what. "Go get changed into something nice, meet me downstairs when you're done."

"Oh," I said, gasping, "I love you, mum." I pulled her into a tight hug. I raced upstairs to get changed. I didn't really know what to wear, I just decided to wear my favorite knee-length dress. It was a beautiful color, a deep shade of navy blue. I put it on, along with black flats and a locket my dad gave me when I was little. I went to the bathroom, brushed my curly, warm brown hair until it was smooth and soft. I brush my teeth to keep my breath fresh and minty, then apply a small amount of makeup. I add a swipe of mascara to my eyes and red lipstick, and add a bit of rose perfume on. I look myself in the mirror. Perfect. I take a deep breath and walk out and downstairs. Mum is already there, waiting for me. I smile and join her. She's wearing a silky black maxi dress. She greets me. "Ready to go, princess?"

I smile and roll my eyes, jokingly. "Ready when you are."

We jump into our toffee brown Acura car and mum drives us a little ways to the stadium. It's quarter to seven when we get there, so mum and I walk around for a bit, then we show our tickets at a booth and sit down. We are super close to the stage.

"Mum, thank you so much."

"It was nothing, dear." Said Mum, although I could tell that she knew she spent a fortune to get us to the concert. A few minutes later, the lights dimmed. The crowd went wild, and a few seconds later lights shone down on the stage, where four figures appeared. I almost screamed, they were so close to me and mum, it was crazy. Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis were on stage. "How are you all doing, London!" Said Harry through the mic. The crowd screamed. "Good, good," he said.

"Let's get this party started!" Yelled Niall. The crowd screamed so much I almost went deaf. I laughed, looked over at mum. She smiled back and winked.

Music started. "Here's Little Things for you all!" Said Harry. The crowd went wild, then silenced as Harry sang Zayn's part, since he left a long time ago. "You're hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me, but bear this in mind, it was meant to be." Harry moved even closer to where mum and I were. "I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, but it makes no sense to me."

Liam took the stage. "I know you've never loved, the crinkles by the eyes when you smile, you never loved, your stomach or thighs. The dimples in your back, at the bottom of your spine, but I've loved them, endlessly."

I don't know when, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was the best night I've had since dad died. I've never been so close to the four. "I won't let these little things slip, out, of my mouth. But if I do, it's you, oh it's you, they add up to. I'm in love with you." Suddenly Harry made eye contact with me, my heart jumped to my throat. He gave me a wink, I almost fainted right on the spot.

"And all your little things."

Louis took the stage: "you can't go to bed, without a cup of tea, but maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep-sing it!" Louis pointed the microphone at the audience, and the audience sang: But it makes no sense to me.

I don't know when, but I was having the time of my life. Harry was looking at me from time to time, it was honestly scary. Then the concert was over. "You liked it?" Said mum, her eyes bright as ever. The lights dimmed and we filed out of the stage. "Thank you so much, mum," I say.

"You just wait, the fun's not over," said mum. I thought she meant we were going back home to celebrate, but suddenly she led me down a hallway where lots of officials and police were. "Tickets, please," said a man with a bristly mustache. Mum handed him her tickets. I didn't know what was going on. The concert was already over, why was mum giving him her tickets? The official looked over it, then handed it back. "You are good to go," said the man, winking. "I will be your escort."

"What's happening, mum?" I ask. She winked but didn't say anything.

The man led us down through a few bright-lighted hallways, and into a room. "Madam, I will leave you here," said the official.

"Thank you," said mum. The official walked away, and mum opened the door.

My breath caught in my throat.



Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis were right there, waiting. But I didn't rush up to them first. I knew mum paid so much for this. I hugged her tightly, tears streaming down my cheeks. I didn't let her go, until I heard a soft whisper in my ear, "Hello, love."

I turned around to see Harry Styles right there, with his short mop of curly brown hair, dimples, his beautiful smile, wearing a navy blue sweater and jeans. "Oh my god," I whispered. Harry stepped up and gave me a hug. I was frozen in place. "Don't cry, love," said Harry's deep voice softly, in my ear. I thought the concert was the last time I would see him. But I was never this close to him.

"Harry," I whispered. "Mum. I love you so much."

Harry and mum laughed at the same time, then Harry released his strong arms from me and the others came: first Louis, then Liam. Then Niall, his bright blue eyes and blonde hair with his eccentric personality.

"L-louis, Liam, N-Niall-" I stammered, not trusting my eyes what I saw. I thought this was all a dream, but Harry's hug felt pretty real, alright. Each of the boys gave me a hug. I felt faint.

"Hello!" Said Niall cheerfully. "What's your name, love?"

"Alys. Alys Hilton."

"That's a pretty name," said Liam. I felt heat rush to my cheeks. I felt tears tickling my cheek. Harry stepped up and wiped away my tears. "Don't cry," he said. I could see Niall looking a bit upset with my tears too, so I smiled, which wasn't hard to do, since One Direction were right in front of me.

Harry smiled back. "Here, love," he said. He ran over to a desk in the corner of the room and wrote something on a piece of paper, then handed it to me. "My number." He leaned in, so his mouth was right next to my ear. "Don't tell anyone," he whispered. I could feel his breath tickling my ear. He smiled and pulled back, just as another few people came in the room, probably also for the meet and greet tickets. I hug Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall one more time, then me and mum leave.

"Mum!" I say breathlessly. "Why did you pay for that?"

"Did you not like it?" Mum said worriedly.

"I loved it, but you must have paid so much for it!"

Mum smiled and shook her head. "That's what birthdays are for, Alys."

I still couldn't believe the night as we drove away from the stadium and back home. I was still think about Harry and the others when mum tapped me lightly on the shoulder. "You hungry, love?" It was already 10 o'clock, but it's been a bit since we've eaten. I shook my head. "I'll-I'll go go to bed. Thanks, mum." I hug her tightly and dash upstairs. I've never taken a shower this fast before, changed into pajamas, and blow-dried my hair until it was curly and soft, and fell naturally to my shoulders.

I shut the bedroom door, turned off the lights, and with shaky hands, took out the phone number Harry gave me. I punch in his number into my phone and with the shakiest hands I've ever had, I added him to my contacts. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth as I jabbed my thumb at his number. I waited for merely a second when I heard a "Hello?" I heard Harry's deep, soft voice and I almost jumped in fear and excitement. I couldn't talk for a second. There came another "Hello? Anyone there?" Finally I mustered my courage.

"H-Harry? Harry?" I said softly into the phone, my voice shaky.

"Is this Alys Hilton?" Said Harry. He remembered my name. He remembered my name.

"Yes...this is Alys," I say shakily. In the background I heard Liam's voice. "Poor thing," he said.

"Harry, am I on speaker?" I asked.

"Yes you are, love," said Harry softly. "But ignore the boys."

"HI, ALYS!" Yelled Niall in the background. Liam snapped. "Niall, shut up. Can't you tell she's scared?"

"It's okay, Liam. Hi, Niall," I say. "Where's Louis?"

"He's on an adventure to steal carrots from the kitchen," said Harry, laughing, and his laugh almost made me cry out.

"Oh-okay," I said. I heard a door open over the phone, and then an incredibly loud munching sound. I supposed that was Louis, eating carrots.

"Who's Harry talking to?" Asked Louis.

"Alys, the girl we met in the meet and greet." Said Liam.

"Looks like Harry's gonna be a lovebird now." Replied Louis.

"Louis, be quiet, will you?" Said Harry. "Sorry about that, love. I'm busy, can I text you or call you later?"

"Sure," I say softly. "Good night."

"Good night, love."

I hang up and stare at my phone. What just happened? I asked myself. I grabbed my hair in my fists and screamed. I just called Harry Styles. I just called Harry Styles. The phone beeped and a message came from Harry: Good Night, Alys -H

My breathing grew rapid as I flew my fingers over the keyboard and his send.

Good Night, Harry. Tell the boys that too for me.

I held my breath. His reply came in a second. I will, love. I'll call you or text you in the morning.

I didn't reply to that, I didn't know how to anyways. I just smiled, put my phone close to me, and went to sleep, thinking about Harry and the other boys.

  Hey guys! First fanfic, feel free to comment! As for the book 'Endlessly' I kind of ran out of ideas to put in it, so I am putting it on hold. Thanks xx -WritingObsessions
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