"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


3. Business Trip


Alys's POV


I didn't know when I got back from home, it was so late. Mum was drinking tea and reading a magazine on the kitchen table, she rushed over and gave me a hug.

"Alys, I was so worried that you got lost or something. You are so late." Mum passed me a mug of tea which I gratefully accepted, sipping from it since it was piping hot. "Yeah, well the boys asked me to go to the meet and greet again and wanted me to stay over for a bit longer."

"Was it fun?"

"Amazing," I said, smiling. Mum beamed at me. "Well, you should get some sleep, it's a quarter to midnight already."

"Okay. Good night, mum."

"Good night, love."

I trudge upstairs and change into my pajamas, brush my teeth until it was fresh and minty, and hopped into bed. I looked at my phone and smiled at what Harry texted me.

Good night love, H

I smile and text him back. Good night :)

I fall asleep with my phone in my still in my hand.


I wake up to the smell of breakfast downstairs, I wake up, refreshed, brush my teeth, comb my curls, and change into a loose black sweater, black jeggings, and sneakers. I put a beanie on, curl my lashes and put on mascara and a bit of lip gloss, and meet mum downstairs. “Morning, mum.” I say. Mum makes two mugs of tea and passes me a croissant. “Good morning, Alys.” says mum. We sit down at the kitchen table. Mum’s eyes are looking down. “What’s wrong, mum?” I ask her, sipping the tea.

“Well...I just got a call from my boss,” said mum. “I’m going on a business trip. Tomorrow. For a bit more than two weeks.” Mum smiles at me sadly. I drop my croissant. “What?” I ask. “That-that’s crazy! You’re boss can’t do that on such a short notice!” I exclaim. “Where are you going to, anyways?”

“Chicago. In America.”

My mouth drops open. “Well-mum, then you have to go, right?”

Mum smiles sadly and nods. “Yes.”

“Well, that’s great!” I exclaim. “Your boss covers the cost-and all the things you’ll see in Chicago-”

“That’s not the point, Alys,” says mum. “I’m going to be gone. And you’ll have to be all alone. For more than two weeks.”

“Mum, I’ll be fine! Go! I’ll figure something out, maybe I could stay at a friend’s house-”

“I’m not going until we find out that you can stay with someone,” said mum. “I have to make a few calls for work, you go find a friend to stay with, okay?”

I nod my head and go up to my bedroom, taking my phone with me.

My first instinct is to ask my friend I’ve known for over seven years-Kayla Ferguson. But when I texted her she said she couldn’t-her grandparents and cousins were staying over at her house. I texted and called a few other friends-they all replied no. I set down my phone and sighed when my phone beeped. I picked it up. It was from Harry. I allowed myself a small smile at his text.

Third and last night at the O2. :) You doing anything today?

I text him back.

No. Mum is leaving tomorrow for work in Chicago, I have to find someone to stay with when she's gone.

A few minutes later, Harry texted back:

Stay over with me and the boys! We have a hotel with enough room for us five. H

I almost screamed aloud. One Direction, asking me to stay where they were. I ran over to mum and let her see what he texted back. She gasped.

"Alys! That's great!" Exclaimed mum. "Alright, then we'll make the arrangements. Tell them you have to stay for about two weeks, and I'll pay them as soon as possible."

I quickly text back: Yes, that works! Mum says she'll be gone for a bit longer than two weeks, mum will pay you four when she's back. Is that okay?

Of course that's okay, love. But tell your mum that she doesn't need to pay us, :)

Mum smiled at his text. "Alright, I'll go and pack up then. You too, Alys, for your stay there. Tell them I'll drop you off at their house at today. And ask for directions to their hotel."

Thanks so much, Harry! Mum will drop me off at your hotel at noon. Can you give us directions to your hotel?

I pack up my trunk while waiting for Harry's reply. I pack clothes lasting for two weeks, toiletries, a bit of makeup and accessories. I lug my trunk downstairs just as I get a text from Harry.

Me and the boys are at rehearsals. We talked to the management and they said that the would cover the cost for the concert and meet and greet again for you. We'll drive up at our hotel, so you can tell your mum you don't need to drive over, we'll drive you there. H

"Mum! Harry and the boys wanted me to go to their last concert and meet and greet, they wanted to drive me to their hotel instead of us going there!"

Mum shouted back from upstairs: "Tell them that's okay!" I quickly text Harry back:

Thanks Harry. Mum says that that's okay. Love, x

Afterwards mum and I sit around the house, just talking about Chicago and relaxing. At eight o'clock mum drives me to the stadium and we both leave the car and hug.

"Well, I'm off to the airport," said mum. "Take care, okay? Call me every day, I love you."

"I love you too," I said, squeezing her tightly. "I'll be fine with the boys. Have fun in Chicago for me!"

"I will," said mom, releasing me. "I'm running late. I'll call you soon, love." She hugged me tightly once more and jumped in the car. I waved as she drove away, then walked to the entrance of the stadium. This time, an mean-looking official caught me by the arm. "Miss, will you follow me?"

I got scared, my heart was thumping loudly. What was happening? Was I in trouble?

The official took me down a few winding hallways and down a flight of stairs and unlocked a door. I was pulled into a brightly lighted room. Rows and rows of tables were in the room with makeup and costumes and clothes, toiletries and accessories. I heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere:

"Yes, Alys Hilton, did she arrive yet?" Then Liam Payne popped out from another room and saw me. "Alys!" He said cheerfully. "How are you doing?" He gave me a hug and then led me to another room, I was guessing it was backstage, because there were people running around with clipboards and microphones, checking things and plugging in wires. There were black curtains draped and hanging around. In the middle where the other boys testing out the microphones and makeup artists and others fixing their hair and putting hairspray in, and adding a bit of makeup on their faces. When I walked in their faces lit up. "Alys!" Said Niall.

"Hello, love." Said Harry gently, who walked over and gave me a hug. His short curly brown hair brushed my cheek as he released me. "How are you?"

"Perfect," I say, smiling. "Thanks for everything."

"It's nothing," said Harry, smiling. "Our pleasure. The concert's about to start. You should get seated."

"Okay." I say. I hug Harry again. "See you on stage, then." I smile, wish the boys good luck, and an official escorts me out and at the front row next to the stage.


Hello :) Sorry, my notes might annoy you, I'll try my best to keep them at a minimum. Just so you know, some of the events in the story is mixed up and isn't in the order that actually happened (for example, I will make the story so that they write a song called "18" but in real life Zayn Malik was still in the band when they wrote it, while in my story he already left the band). Just a heads up! Please don't criticize me for it, thanks... :) Love -WritingObsessions


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