"I want to love like you made me feel. When we were eighteen."
- One Direction


5. 18


Alys's POV


I wake up to find that Harry's still sleeping next to me, I smile a bit. His arm is still around me. As gently as I could, I slid out of Harry's grasp and grab toiletries and clothes from my trunk. I head off to the bathroom, tip-toeing and straining to contain my laughter when I see Niall sound asleep on the living room couch, snoring loudly. I get to the bathroom and comb my curls, put on a rich purple colored sweater, black colored jeans, and a black colored beanie. I put on my usual makeup, mascara and some lip balm, and brush my teeth and head out. Niall's still asleep on the couch, but I see that Harry's awake. He's checking his phone, sprawled out on the bed, with a pillow propped up and his arm resting at the back of his head. He smiles as I walk in.

"Hello, beautiful," he says in his deep husky morning voice. I roll my eyes and laugh at his voice and put away my stuff. Harry's already changed into a black Nike t-shirt and tan colored trousers.

"Any plans for today?" I ask, tucking my curly hair back underneath my ear.

"Not much, me and the boys are just going to do some stupid crazy weird stuff. Maybe thinking about our next song."

"What song?"

"Oh, I don't know yet for sure. Me and the boys want something a bit different this time."

I nod. "Okay, well do you have food in the kitchen?"

"Yes. You hungry?"

"No, I'm just afraid Niall will come up and ask us for food when we don't have any, and he'll eat our insides from hunger."

"That sounds amazing. Alys, you go do your thing in the kitchen." Harry laughs. I laugh along with him and then leave to the kitchen. I search around the kitchen and make tea and miniature pancakes. As I expected, it wasn't long before Niall woke up, and, seeing the food I was preparing, stuck a finger in the pancake batter and put it in his mouth. "That's disgusting, Niall," I laugh. He shrugs.

"What? You can't blame me for being hungry, can you?"

He leaves to get changed and Harry comes in. "Good morning, Alys," he says. He watches me flip some pancakes. "I assume you cook a lot?" I laugh and shake my head.

"Not really. Just watched my mum cook most of the time."

"Well!" Exclaimed Harry, his eyebrows lifted. "That's impressive." I laugh and shrug. I finish cooking the pancakes and stack them on the plate. With Niall around, I'm not sure I cooked enough to eat. I turned off the tea kettle and poured the tea into cups, and dug around to find maple syrup and set it on the table when Niall came around. "Food!" He said eagerly, taking the top pancake from the plate. "You're the most amazing girl ever." He said with a mouthful of the pancakes. The Liam and Louis comes in and we all fill up our plates, Niall hogging most of the pancakes. When the stack of pancakes disappear, Harry and I wash the dishes, then we sit around lazing away on couches in the living room.

"What do you want to do?" Asked Niall. He was nibbling on a candy bar who was already getting hungry again.

"You boys should start thinking about a new album," I suggest. "Niall, go get your guitar."

"Ehh." Moaned Niall, but he shuffled his feet to get his guitar and came back, and tuned the strings. Niall started strumming the strings at random, I hummed quietly along. The boys stopped and listened to my humming. Harry smiled and winked at me.



I listened at Niall's guitar playing and Alys's humming, it was like hearing silk. Alys's voice was so smooth and soothing. The boys stopped to hear as well, suddenly an idea struck to me for a song like it sometimes did when I heard music. I ran get my phone and started making a few notes, soon I made up a few lyrics to a possible song that Alys was humming out. Alys came over to see what I was doing.

"What're you writing?" She asked, peering her beautiful stormy grey eyes down at my phone.

"Oh, nothing." I say quickly. "Alys, how old are you?"

"Eighteen," she said with a confused expression on her face. "Why-"

"Perfect," I say. "Our next song is called 18."

Alys blushed a little, Lou whistled. "Yes, Harry, you're on it!" I quietly sung out the first few lyrics he wrote, the boys corrected it a little and asked for Alys's humming as a  background music. Afterwards me and the boys asked for Alys to repeat parts of the pattern she was humming and asked Niall to play a few notes so that her voice and his guitar matched. I watched Alys closely, she blushed a little as she sang. For a few seconds I couldn't think, time just slowed down as I looked at her, at her soft grey eyes, her cute little dimples on the sides of her cheeks, and her long eyelashes and her curly brown hair.



I couldn't help but blush, the way Harry looked at me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, but I nervously sang along to Niall's guitar, the boys huddled over Harry's phone, correcting and singing bits and parts and writing out lyrics. Niall flashed me his charming smile, I felt a lot better. But still thoughts were racing through my head. What was the deal with Harry?

After a while the boys nodded and turned around, flopping back on the couch. Niall stopped playing guitar and I stopped singing. "Well?" I ask. "How's it coming along?"

Niall went over to look at the lyrics, his eyes brightened. Harry typed something out quick on his phone and put a finger to his lips. Niall smiled at Harry and nodded. I was just coming over to look when Niall said rather loudly, blocking my path: "So what do y'all wanna do now?"

"Hey! Niall, can I see the lyrics?"

Niall gave me a mischievous smile and shook his head. "Not yet." Then he said dramatically: "You have to get through me first."

I smiled the most charming smile I could muster, blinking my eyes slowly, and said in a sweet tone: "But...Niall-"

While he was distracted, I tackled him, taking him by surprise, then stepped a foot on him and leaned in really close to his face. "You want to try that again, sweetie?"

Niall laughed. "Impressive, Alys. You're a tough one, aren't you?" He took me by the arm and rolled me down to the ground, me laughing to whole time. Then he picked me up like I was merely a feather and carried me back to the couch and threw me on it.

"Hey!" I exclaim, laughing. "Cheater!"

Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry were laughing their heads off. I laughed, too. Finally we all settled down, everyone still giving off weak little chuckles, and I totally forgot about the lyrics. As long as I was with the boys, I felt completely free and happy.

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