My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


4. The Date

I tossed and turned all night. I didn't know when my mom would get home hopefully not soon.

Today I get to be with Luke I'm both nervous and happy. It feels normal to feel this way. I decided to skip running today and went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice. The clock on the microwave read 12:32 p.m. Luke said he would take me to eat around 5:30. I didn't know whether to go casual or dressy. So I decided on a tight caramel colored pants that looked quite good on me with a tight black long sleeved top. I got a pair of black toms to go with it.

With my outfit picked I decided to take a long shower I shaved below the knee and my armpits. I noticed all my scars on my arms and thighs fading. For once I'm just letting them fade. I don't know why but, more then likely it has something to do with Luke. The way he didn't judge me or pressure me to tell him anything. I love his smile and his eyes. I'm beginning to realize I'm becoming attached to this guy I've known for 2 days.

After my shower I decide to let my hair fall into its natural curls. It's now four o'clock so I cover my almost completely faded bruise and add my usual eyeliner and mascara.

Before I know it it's already 5:15. I grab my phone and clutch while running to the living room. I sit on my phone for the next 15 minutes replying to the messages I ignored before. They were mostly from Sarah and Ellie begging me to make an appearance at the end of the year party at Braden's house. I type a quick maybe to both of them when the doorbell went off. I looked out the window to see Luke looking as nervous as ever in black skinny jeans, white converse, with a white button down. I quickly open the front door and he gives me a huge smile.

"Hey. You ready to go?" He asks. "Sure." I smile at him a genuine smile.

We drove in silence the whole way to the restaurant which looked quite fancy for my liking. Luke was the first to get out of the car again he walked to my side and opened the door for me. He lead me towards the door. When we walked in there was a waiter who looked about mine and Luke's age. He looked at me and gave me a smile while shooting daggers in Luke's direction.

Luke quietly cleared his throat and said "Reservation for 2 under Hemmings." The man nodded at Luke. "Right this way." He lead us to a private table in the back room. Me and Luke both got water then started to look through our menus.

"He was totally checking you out." Luke wasn't looking at me when he said this he was just smiling down at his menu.

"He was not. He was just being friendly." I heard a scoff come from Luke.

"Don't deny it. If I were him I would have been checking you out too. You look incredible." I couldn't stop the blush from creeping onto my cheek as he said this. The waiter came back 5 minutes later I ordered a 'Chicken Caesar Salad' while Luke ordered 'Tenderloin Steak' it was silent until Luke spoke up.

"So how have you been?" He spoke as if we've known each other for years and we were just now reuniting. "I'm fine Luke. Feeling better today actually." He smiled a big smile "Thats great." It went silent again not even 10 minutes later we had our food in front of us.

I watched him eat the steak as if it was a piece of candy. I sat and threw pieces of lettuce around my plate occasionally taking bites of it but mostly eating the vegetables thrown on top of it.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked

"Yeah. I'm fine." I gave him a smile for reassurance.

After we ate we got back into his car.

"I had a great time Luke."

"This day isn't over yet." He pulled up onto a cliff with a view of the whole town everything looked so small. I tried to find my house but it was to far away.

"Isn't the view amazing. I found this place the day I got my license I've been coming here ever since."

"Yeah it is."

We sat on the hood of his a car admiring the view. We took glances towards eachother.

'Kiss me Luke' I said inside my head but never out loud and we continued to just stare at the overlook of the town.

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