My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


7. Stay with Me

"Lukeeeee!" I screamed through my open window.

"Serennnnn!" Luke screamed back from my doorway, startling me.

"Jesus Luke!" I practically screamed.

He laughed his beautiful laugh "Sorry your mom let me in."

My mom has been home more often. We had that day together like she promised, we went to dinner, got our nails done, and even went shopping. She hasn't touched an ounce of alcohol since then and I couldn't be more grateful. Shes also been mesmerized by Luke since the day I introduced him to her and who wouldn't be.  God knows I am still mesmerized by him every day.

"Of course she did." I chuckled.

"So what are we going to do today?" He questioned before flopping down onto my bed.

"I got a text from Ellie and I'm going to make an appearance at tonight's party."

Luke rolled his eyes and scolded me like I was a child. "Serena you make an 'appearance' every Saturday don't you think it's time to just stop. Those parties aren't good for you and you know that."

"Luke you've gone to almost as much parties this summer as I have."

"Yes and each time we end up drunk out of our minds and sometimes... we both even end up with someone else."

I gave him a look and replied "I'm going Luke." He put his hands up in surrender and I went into my closet to find something to wear. "Tight black or tight white?" I asked while holding up two similar dresses.

"Definitely the black one." he smirked.

"Black it is." I turned on my straightener and sat down next to him. "I don't know why you just don't come with me." His 'Are you kidding me!' look gave me the answer to that question and the answer was the brunette. "Right." I mumbled and walked back towards my mirror to get started on hair and makeup. Luke left almost twenty minutes later and I decided I looked decent enough.

A loud honk came from outside around 10 it was Ellie I assumed.

"Serena you look hott!" She yelled loud enough to wake the neighbors. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her then give a little twirl,she giggled.

The party was packed as pure usual and as soon as we walked in we did our thing. I went from drinking to dancing, from dancing to singing, and from singing to drinking again.  It became a routine.

Somewhere in between that routine I started to miss Luke. I walked into one of the many rooms upstairs and dialed his phone number. He answered after the third ring.

"Sss-LLuke" I slurred into the phone.

"Serena?" Confusion was obvious in his voice I never drunk dial him. "How much have you had to drink?"

"Why didn't you come with me Lukeee?" I whined. "You should've came with meee."

"I'll be there soon." He replied quickly then hung up. I leaped with joy but also with regret. I didn't want Luke in this atmosphere definitely not now.

Three and a half shots later I spotted Luke walking through the front door.

"Lukeyyyy!" I cheered before running into his arms wrapping my own around his neck while his hands rested gently on my waist.

"Let me take you home." I started to pout but obliged "Also drink this." He handed me a cold bottle of water and as ordered I started to drink it.

His car was waiting for us as soon as we walked out. He helped me into the passenger seat and buckled me in. I'm not a child Luke. I wanted to say but didn't. He kept the music low as we drove and neither of us said a word. My mother wasn't home thankfully business must have kept her late.

I stumbled out of the car and Luke arrived at my side immediately. He walked me up the stairs and into my bedroom. My heels were placed at the end of my bed and I was tucked in.

A gentle kiss was placed to my forehead along with a whisper "Sleep well Serena." he turned to walk away and almost made it out my bedroom door before I stopped him. I realized that I didn't want Luke to leave. I wanted him here with me.

"Please Luke. Please stay with me and don't make me beg my head hurts."

I heard a quiet laugh and then I was in his arms once again.

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