My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


9. Senior Year

"Luke Hemmings it's Senior year. What's wrong with you?"


"Serena you know what's wrong. I only get to do one semester here and then I'm gone."


I grabbed Luke and made him face me. "We promised not to talk about it and we won't. One semester will not be the end of us. "


"Alright." He smiled. Oh, how I love that smile. "Are you ready to go?"


I nodded and grabbed his hand. We walked into the kitchen where my mother had a variety of breakfast waiting for us. She saw mine and Luke's hands and smiled. "I've never made breakfast before so I figured I would go all out on it today." I smiled back at her and sat down at the dining table.


After some time Luke and I decided it was time to leave. My mother gave me a hug and whispered "Enjoy your last year my beautiful daughter." I pulled back "I will. Thanks mom."


The hallways were full of lost freshman and bored seniors. One couple went at it by a water fountain acting like they haven't seen each other all summer. Luke seemed to notice and laughed "This school is different." I joined in with the laughter and we found my table full of friends.


Of course Braden would be throwing a back to school party. "Guys you remember Luke." Braden stood up and placed his hand on Luke's shoulder "Who could forget him Seren? The man holds his alcohol like a champ." Luke chuckled and joined the guys. I sat next to Sarah and she gave me a look "What?" I asked. "I think our boyfriends are becoming boyfriends."


We looked at Braden and Luke and sure enough they were high-fiving and cheering about whatever. We both laughed and talked until first bell.


Art has always been my favorite class. I enjoyed both the subject and the teacher. Luke wasn't in my class he took a photography course. So, for now we were separated and I made small talk with several others I only spoke to on occasion at parties.


My next class was a free period so I sat with Ellie as she watched her squad do a routine for the 11th time. "You should really be up there Serena." She sang while bumping her shoulder into my own. "I know." I mumbled mainly to myself.


Luke joined my table at lunch. He placed a kiss on my cheek before sitting down. I turned to talk to him but he had already turned to talk to Liam. Sarah and Bella then joined the table so we talked about plans for the weekend. Lunch ended faster then I had hoped for and I was stuck in two more classes that seemed to drag on.


I found Luke after the last bell "Hey you ready to go?"


"Oh Serena. I'm sorry I told the guys I'd go with them. Is that okay?"


I gave him a small smile almost fake "Of course it is."


"Thanks. Later babe."




My mother wasn't home when I got there but, she left a note with money to order a pizza for Luke and I. But, I guess today it'll just be me.


I changed into Nike shorts and a neon tank top then took off into the woods for another run. When rain started to fall I embraced it. Running in the rain is my absolute favorite.


I quick shower warmed me back up and I checked to see if Luke was in his bedroom or even home.Nothing.


Hours passed and still nothing. I shut off my light and shut my eyes.


Then a crash came from downstairs. "Mom!" I called. No one answered.


I ran down the stairs turning on every possible light as I went. "Please don't be someone breaking in." I whispered before turning on the living room light. I stepped forward crushing a piece of glass under my foot. Blood reaches the surface and drips out. "Oh my god. Ouch."


"Serennaa." Luke's voice slurs.


"Luke? What are you doing? Are you drunk?"


"Yes I am." He laughs.


"We have school tomorrow.  You're not that dumb are you?"


"Stop being a buzzkill Seren. Sorry about the picture frame just kind of fell. Oh and your bleeding." He says while pointing toward my foot.


"Luke go home. Please." He gives me a look of confusion. "But I'm your boyfriend. Don't cha miss me."


"Not when your like this and I have to clean this up." I roll my eyes and go into the kitchen placing my foot into water to clean it off. The cut isn't deep so the bleeding stops rather quickly.


"Whatever Serena. You're so fuckin boring sometimes you know." He slams the door shut behind him.


Who was that?

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