My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


16. Phone Calls

"Harry what are we doing?"

"Well princess..." 

"Stop! Stop calling me that."  He just laughed and smirked.  We are going to a club.  A club?  "I'm not 21 though."  He laughed once again.  "Neither am I princess."  I just rolled my eyes at him and listened to the radio playing quietly in the background.  "It's my friends club.  We are just going to meet him on the second floor."  I nodded and looked out the window.

Should I even be with him right now?  Am I even single?  Luke hasn't called so maybe that means that I am.  The car stopped and Harry climbed out.  When we walked into the building I could hardly see anything.  It was dark with only neon lights and strobes,  there was smoke everyone, and it was packed wall to wall with people.  Harry grabbed the top of my arm and dragged me through the crowd as if I was a kid in trouble.

"Louis this is Serena.  Serena, Louis."  I gave a small wave with my hand and he gestured me to take a seat.  I tried sitting the furthest from Harry, but he scooted closer till he was nearly on top of me.  Louis seemed to notice and laugh.

"So mate, how did you two meet?"

"She nearly pounced on me her first day at school."  I rolled my eyes, there is no way Louis is going to believe him.  "Says the man who basically dragged me here.  Coming to my dorm and almost demanding me to go out with you, desperate much?"  I gave him a fake smile. He narrowed his eyes at me and dove into a conversation with his 'mate'.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Luke again.  It rang and rang then went to voicemail.  I walked away from Harry holding the phone to my ear.  "Luke you saved me once, you know?  Is there anyway I can save you?  Just tell me you're okay and that you still love me. I miss you.."  I hung up the phone and turned back to see Harrys eyes on me.  A tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped it away hoping he didn't notice.

Flashbacks of the beach hit me like a boulder.  Luke literally loved me, he made love to me, then left me.

When I sat back down both Harry and Louis looked at me but didn't say anything.  "I have to get Serena back to the dorms.  It was nice catching up."  Louis smiled "You too man.  Lovely to meet you Serena."  I smiled and gave a polite nod.  Harry didn't drag me back through the crowd.  He just gently placed a hand on my back and lead me to the door.

Before I got the door completely open he closed it and turned me toward him.  I was trapped between him and the car.  "Who did you call Serena?"  I closed me eyes and whispered "No one."

"That is bullshit.  What do you mean 'he saved you'?" I shook my head "Stop it, Harry."  

"No Serena.  Damn it.  Did you almost die or something?" I shook my head again "Then what he whispered tilting my head up to look at him.  "I was in a bad place,  Okay?  He was there.  We were in love and you want to know what happened?"  I was almost yelling at this point.

"He slept with me then never called me back."  I turned back and tried opening the car door again, but Harry held it closed.  "Then he's an idiot."  He whispered in my ear.  "I would never let you go."  His hand dropped to my waist and he placed a kiss under my ear.  My head went back and onto his shoulder.  He turned me around with hunger in his eyes I was pulled into the alley behind the club.  

He pinned my back to the wall and pressed his lips to mine.  My legs wrapped around his waist and he took that as a cue to enclose every ounce of space between us.  With his body pressed to mine my hands found their way to his hair.

This was a distraction, the perfect distraction.  Luke was off my mind and now Harry was on my mind. 

He pulled away his breath heavy along with mine.  "Maybe we should go."  He spoke in a raspy voice.

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