My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


5. Party?

I woke up thinking about him. Lukes smile that can brighten your day. Luke's eyes that are brighter than the sky. Luke's heart that is bigger than an ocean.

I texted Sarah back telling her that I'll make an appearance at the party tonight. I contemplated on asking Luke to go with me but his opinion on drugs and alcohol might be negative which would mean he'd rather not be around it. I texted him anyway 'Going to a party tonight maybe you'd like to go? Bad things happen, fair warning.' He responded within seconds 'I was party king way back when pick you up around 9(;'

Cuts and scars faded which means I could wear whatever. My mom hasn't made an appearance and I'm starting to think that she won't.

I picked out black leather pants, black strappy heels, and a white short sleeve shirt almost my usual attire for parties.

I showered longer than normal and for once straightened my long blonde hair. I did some mascara with liquid eyeliner and dark colored eye shadow.

Luke arrived not a minute later then he promised.

His outfit was similar to my own he wore a short sleeved white top, black skinny jeans, and black vans.

"You look amazing Serena." He placed a soft kiss onto my own cheek and I smiled in return. "Ready to go?" I nodded and shut the door behind me.

Braden's house was full as usual. 90% of the people were unknown to me and Braden himself. But, the party was loud and crazy also as pure usual.

Luke and I walked in together and immediately red cups full of vodka were handed to us. I gulped it down and to my surprise so did Luke. "You are a pro." I giggled. Luke just smiled and we walked deeper into the crowd.

Sarah was the first to spot me and Bella followed immediately. "Serena Riley it's good to have you back. Braden has a joint waiting for you to take a hit." Of course Bella would open her mouth in front of Luke. I cringed but Luke didn't seem to mind.

"Go." he whispered in my ear "I'm going to get another drink." he walked away and I followed Bella and Sarah to 'our' couch. As promised a hit was waiting for me and I took it without hesitation. Hours felt like minutes. Ellie and the teams joined us. We all drank more then we normally do.

Sarah and I ended up dancing on tabletops. I met eyes with Luke and shot him a wink while he smirked. I climbed down to go find him. When he was spotted we ended up dancing my back to his front.

We have never been this intimate, it wasn't weird not an ounce of it but it was different.

He left once again to get another drink and I was curious about who he was even talking to, if he was even talking to anyone.

I took another hit with Ellie, who I never really associate with at these parties but she was honestly fun to be around. I was enjoying myself and I'm ashamed to say that I forgot about Luke and it seemed as if he forgot about me.

4 drinks, 1 hit, and 5 dances later I went to look for him. I blew off Josh's drunk attempt at flirting, I blew off Sarah and Bella's attempt to get me to dance again, and I blew off Braden being well Braden.

"Luke!" I yelled each time I walked into a different room not that it was much help the music overpowered my voice by a lot.

'Where are you?' I muttered under my breath.

I walked up the stairs giving up and ready to call a taxi home. The music remained loud throughout the hallway upstairs so I turned doorknobs for several rooms hoping it'll be quieter inside. Each one was locked except for one. I opened it while looking up the number for the closest taxis. Most things were a blur I was drunk out of my mind.

Finally I put the phone up to my ear as I heard it ring. I turned to look for somewhere to see it then I saw him.

Luke was with a small brunette they kissed and they continued to kiss.

My phone crashed to the floor and he looked my way. "L-Luke?" I questioned confused.

"Serena!" His eyes widened.

I rushed out of the room and decided a couple more drinks wouldn't hurt.

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