My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


10. I'll Be Better

We spent weeks partying because it's what he wanted. I never thought anybody could party so much and still enjoy it after the 100th party at the same place with the same people. I know I'm sick of it but Luke seems happy. He was fitting in with everyone. Everyone loves Luke and I couldn't blame them. He was really great.

"Serena. Babe dance with me." I smiled and nodded. He thought I had a small buzz but I didn't. It was a school night and I'd be stupid to drink. Stupid like Luke.

After the clock struck midnight I almost got on my knees and begged to go home. It took almost and hour until he gave in calling me a 'prune' in the process.

I've made him mad quite a bit lately and only a small part of me felt bad. "I'm sorry Luke but you can't keep going to class hung over sometimes still drunk."

"Yeah. Yeah. Thanks." He walked into his house and I walked into my own. My mother wasn't happy about the time but when she didn't smell alcohol on my breath she let me have a free pass.

"Go and get some rest. I can't keep letting you cut first hour, you're going to get way to far behind." I nodded and without changing or brushing my teeth I feel asleep leaving my window shut for a change.

I ended up not showing up to school at all and judging by the amount of times Luke has called he has decided the same thing. It was only minutes until he'd be knocking on my door or throwing rocks at my window.

I turned up some music and jumped into a hot shower. Hot showers were always relaxing and distracting from just about everything.

I walked back into my room wrapped in a towel when I saw his shadow on my wall. Luke sat staring at his feet while twirling his thumbs on my bed. I assumed he heard me walk in because he looked up rather quickly.

"Serena I'm so sorry. I know this is like the 50th time but, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything you know that."

"I know Luke. Can I get dressed?" I mumbled not looking him in the eye because I'd give in way to quickly if I did.

He walked out of the room and didn't come back in until I yelled to him and told him I was done.

"Will you forgive me?" He asked quietly.

Then I did it. I looked into those eyes and smiled. "I'll always forgive you Luke Hemmings."

We laid together for the rest of the night. No parties, no drinking, and no dancing. Just him and I.

Just when I thought he fell asleep he pulled me closer to him and said "I'll be better for you Serena. I promise."

We fell asleep right then holding onto each other almost keeping each other together and keeping each other from falling apart.

I woke up alone. It was Saturday so school was out of the question. I didn't know what time Luke left and I sure didn't know where he went.

I did a normal routine and changed into my running attire. The weather was perfect and the breeze felt just right. Two miles down the trail I turned back, running at a faster pace than before.

I left my shoes by the back door and walked to the kitchen to get an ice cold water. I saw my mother sitting quietly with her head in her hands at our dining table. "Mom?" I questioned.

"Oh Dear Seren. Please sit down we have to talk." I nodded and sat close to her.

"Mom talk to me." She stayed silent. "Mom!"

"It's Luke honey." Panic that's all I felt. "He was in an accident."

"What do you mean accident? When?" I was now standing with tears in my eyes and almost a scream coming from my throat.

"His car collided with another at an intersection. They think it was around 2 a.m. but they didn't find him until about an hour ago." She paused. "Whatever injuries he had they can be worse now. A minor injury could now be a major. I'm so sorry."

I paced putting my fingers through my hair.

"How did this happen?" I breathed.

"They ran some tests. He was drinking Serena. The accident was his fault."

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