My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


11. Hospitals and Almost Promises

No matter how stupid I thought Luke's intoxication was I still arrived at the hospital. Luke's was stable, awake, and alert. We were told that he would be perfectly fine with no long-term effects from the accident. I walked up to his bed side with tears rolling down my cheeks and he looked ashamed.


"You know don't you?" He asked.


"Of course I know Luke! How could you be so stupid? Why wouldn't you at least call me? You getting in a car obviously put your life in danger and it endangered people in other cars as well." I was almost yelling but, at this point in time I didn't really care I was angry, worried, and upset all at once.


"You don't think I don't know that Serena! Look I'm fine and nobody else was hurt, so just chill."


"This time Luke.. Nobody else was hurt this time.."  My eyes filled with water and they started to spill.


With that I turned and left the room. I only looked back to see a single tear fall from his eyes as well. It took everything in me to not turn back and cuddle up into his side.


He was released from the hospital a couple days later and I haven't seen him since that night. He left me a voicemail telling me that he'll try to be better and make everything better because he was no longer leaving this semester I wanted to ask why but I reluctantly ignored it. My friends stopped by on occasion after school ended and they stopped having parties on school nights which makes a whole lot more sense.


It seems to me that Luke and I have switched places from when we first met.

I was broken and he fixed me, but now I'm the one that breaks him and I'm not sure he can be fixed.


One knock on my door told me it was him and I let him in.


"Serena you have to talk to me." I nodded and he relaxed a little.


"I'm done partying and before you speak I want to clarify that. I'm done partying for awhile maybe it's a long while or maybe it's a short while, hell it may even be forever. But I'm not promising you forever.  I'm just telling you I'm done partying." We sat in silence as I processed his words "Now please say something."


"Okay." I mumbled.




I was tired.  Tired of being mad, tired of being strong, and tired of holding back.  "Just hug me," and he did just that he pulled me into his arms and held me for what seemed like ages.


"God I've missed you so much."


Luke kept his almost promise. He only talked to the guys at school and when they offered him some drinks after school he told them no. Most days he came home with me and we spent most of the day together. Friday nights instead of parties we went to dinner and sometimes even a movie. I liked this stage and I liked where we are but I could tell he was kind of missing the parties and I hate to admit it but I kind of was too.

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