My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


14. Harry Styles

"Harry Styles is staring at you."  Taylor whispered into my ear.

"I know."  I whispered back.

"Well let us give him something to watch then."  and that's just what we did.  We both helped many people onto the table with us and just danced to the beat.  I took a glance at Harry and he  was fuming with ...jealousy?  Several drinks and songs later I stepped down from the table.  "Where are you going?"  Taylor shouted over the music.  "I  gotta find a bathroom."  I swayed along the way but reached the top of the stairs.  I found the bathroom rather quickly and realized how bad I have become to look.

Cleaning up took a while but I was starting to look like what I did when I first got here.  I left the bathroom and started my journey down the hallway when I was grabbed and pulled into a dark room.

"You think you can play with me like that?"  A cold breath hit my cheek.  

I couldn't see his face but  I knew exactly who it was.

"N-no. I was just dancing.  We all were."  My voice began to shake and that seemed to amuse him.

"Don't do it again." He placed a gentle kiss to my neck and walked out of the room.  Who is he to tell me what to do?  Who does he think he is?  He doesn't own me.  I started laughing, physically laughing.  Maybe it was because of this intoxicated state I was in or maybe it was him.. I wasn't sure but I pulled myself together and walked slowly down the stairs to find Taylor or at least someone to keep me some company.

Finding no one I went back to the kitchen for some water to start the sobering process before I begin getting sick.  

"Serena, right?"  a tall, dark, brown-eyed boy asked.

I nodded and gave a small smile.

"Zayn. Taylor told me to come find you and see how you're doing."

"Just a little queasy."  He found my response amusing and let out a small laugh.  It was cute I  had to admit.

"Just keep drinking that water. "  He took a seat next to me on the counter.  "What are you studying this year?"  He asked I assumed to make this less awkward considering we don't know each other.

"I'll be studying journalism for the time being."

"The time being?  You're not sure about it?"

"It's just there is so many options and right now it feels like I'm settling and I don't like that.  So if I'm not feeling it I'll switch definitely.  What about you?"

"Graphic Arts."

"Hmm.. I like that.  You don't let other people tell you what to do you just design."'

He laughed softly.  "Something like that.  How are you feeling?"

"Better."  He slide off the counter then grabbed my hands and helped me down along with him.  "Would you like a ride back to your dorm or you can stay awhile, just no more alcohol."  He smiled a contagious smile causing me to smile back "I think I'll stay a while."  

He bowed and held out his hand "Then will you do me the honor by giving me this dance."  I giggled and nodded while placing my hand into his.

We swayed together on the dance floor and Zayn broke out into a fit of laughter.  "Zayn?  What's so funny?"

"Sorry."  He choked out.  "Just Harry looks like he's about to pounce.  Just kind of amusing to me."

I turned and saw exactly what Zayn saw.  He had the look of a predator in his eyes and they were focused on Zayn.  It wasn't anywhere along the line of amusing more terrifying.  "You guys know each other?"  He questioned.  "Kind of."  I mumbled.  "It's okay.  I'm not scared of Harry.  Lets just dance, yeah?"  I nodded and we just danced the rest of the night.  

"I think I'm going to find Taylor and go back to our dorm.  Thanks for keeping me company tonight."  He pulled me into a strong hug and mumbled a small 'of course' into my hair.

The house seemed to become bigger as more and more people started to leave.  I found Taylor in the kitchen slamming bottles upon bottles of water.

"Please remind me never to drink again."  She mumbled holding the bottle in her hand to her forehead.  

Opening cabinet after cabinet I found a couple aspirin for Taylor.  "Here."  

"Thanks.  I'll take these then we can get out of here."  She took them then finished her water.  "Ready?"

"Yeah lets go."  We spent almost another 20 minutes trying to find our shoes before saying 'screw it' and leaving without them.  

After finding the front door I turned to close it behind us only to see through what was still left open what looked like one Harry and one Zayn arguing in the corner.  They couldn't be arguing over me, could they?

"Serena!"  Taylor shouted "You coming?"

"Yeah, sorry."

Neither of us did much when we re-entered our room.  Without much thinking I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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