My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


13. Goodbye. Hello

I've tried for almost a week  to get a hold of Luke but alas I couldn't.

"I guess this  means it's time to go."  I looked at my mother  with tears in my eyes.  "I'm going to miss you so much, you know."

She pulled me into her embrace "I'll miss you too my beautiful daughter.  But, you better get going you don't want to be late."

"Of course." I smiled.  I called Lukes cellphone one last time but as the last 100 times it went straight to his automated voicemail so I left my last message "Hey Luke.. So I guess this is goodbye.  I love you always..  Please call if not then I can take a hint." 

I took a deep breath and packed my car then I was on my way to NYU.

Checking in was crazier then I ever imagined it would be.  Waiting line took what felt like hours and right before I got to the table I dropped my bag with my things pouring out along the sidewalk.  "Of course.." I groaned.  I bent down to collect some of my things.  "You seem a little troubled.  Here."  A hand reached out and handed me a majority of my things.  "Thanks."  I looked up into beautiful green eyes. "Umm..."  

"I'm Harry."  


"Well Serena I'll let you get checked in but, I'll be seeing you."  He smirked then walked off.

It was a short walk to my dorm after I was checked in.  I was surprised to see that my roommate was not there yet.  So I started putting my things away as I waited.  I heard keys at the door then the door opened.  "Hello I'm Taylor." She smiled.  "So a couple of these guys invited me to a party at the fraternity tonight.  Could be a good opportunity for use to bond?"

Of course she was already invited to a party I mean shes gorgeous there's no way she would go unnoticed.  "Serena and it sounds like fun."

"Great so we're going."

I was surprised how fast Taylor and I got along.  We walked throughout the campus and everyone's eyes looked and some of them followed.  It was different getting this attention but something told me it would be the right time to get used to it.  I got smile and waves from absolute strangers even the Greek girls looked at us with envy which I found strange.  This attention didn't bother Taylor I assumed she was already used to it.

"Let's get some shopping done.  I mean it's not a bad idea we're college girls now."

"You're right.  Lets go." 

With bags full and brand new outfits for the party we sat down for lunch.

"So is there a boyfriend back home?"

I hesitated. "Yes.. No.. Maybe.. It's complicated."

"I'm all ears." She smiled.

"We were fine like completely then I told him about NYU and he wouldn't return my calls.  It's like  we're done without officially being done and I don't know what to think.  He's different then he used to be."

"I understand.  But silence isn't always a bad thing and it doesn't mean it's over.  Maybe he just needs the time to comprehend that you're leaving or that you left."

"I guess will find out sooner or later."

She gave me a reassuring smile and we bonded some more over lunch.

The day flew by quicker then any.  We were getting ready for the party and my jaw dropped at Taylor's appearance.  Absolutely flawless and I envied it.  My simple black dress was no where in comparison although I did like the way it hugged my body almost perfectly.

"You look incredible Serena.  Now add a smile and we can get going."

The fraternity was crowded.  "We might need drinks to get through this." I laughed.  Taylor laughed and nodded in agreement.  As if on cue a guy handed both her and I our own drink.  "I might have to get used to this." I shrugged.

"Let's dance."  She shouted after we slammed our drinks.

When Taylor said "dance" she meant dance!  She hopped onto a table and pulled me up with her.

We laughed dancing to the beat of the music and I never felt more free.

That's when I felt his eyes on me not Luke but Harry. 

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