My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


6. Another One Down

The past few hours have been a blur and the 12+ drinks have not been helping me. I expected to get sick by now but it hasn't happened.

I don't know why I'm so angry about Luke and the brunettes company, we aren't even dating but it still turns something inside of me.

The party started to wind down just after 3 a.m. and I've decided to crash on the couch with Ellie on the floor next to me. I'm not sure where Luke went I assumed he left because Braden of course would want his room back.

When I woke up the next morning I heard Braden, Ellie, and Sarah in the kitchen laughing about something. I walked in smiling at them as they cheered a 'Good Morning'. Sarah pushed over a box of donuts and a glass of water along with it was two Advil tablets. "Figured you'd have a wild hangover that's the most I've ever seen you drink." She smiled. "Thanks."

"Do you need a ride home?" Bella asked walking in from another room.

I swallowed the tablets then replied "Yeah just let me wash off my face before we go."

I ran into the bathroom and threw the warm water onto my face, the makeup came off nice and easy. I stared into my eyes for a moment then yelled "I'm ready."

Bella lead the way to her sleek black car. I've always envied her parents for getting her a new car every couple months. "I think I might keep this one for awhile." She said as she flashed a bright smile in my direction. "Oh yeah? I like this one." We hopped in in unison not even bothering to turn on the radio.

"If you don't mind me asking, who was the guy you went to the party with last night?"

Luke. "His name is Luke he's my new neighbor and just a friend of mine."

"Really? He seemed to be into you."

"Yeah well he didn't end the night with I guess not." I mumbled.

"Oh Serena I'm so sorry.  Were you into him?" I shook my head "No.. Well I don't know.  Don't worry about it. Honestly." We made small talk then pulled into my drive. Luke's car was home which means he indeed left the party last night. "Text me okay?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. She reached over the counsel to hug me gently.

I ran upstairs into my bedroom and changed into a tight white tank with black nike shorts and my neon green running shoes. I anticipated this run because I knew it would distract me and it was a lot better than the long gone alternative.

I slowed my pace down after reaching my 2.5 mark I've never done over 4 miles but I had to admit I was honestly feeling great. I could see the opening at the end of the trail and I prayed that within these last few seconds Luke would not show up. But, the gods were not on my side and Luke walked out his back door as soon as I started walking toward mine. "Serena." He tried and I attempted to ignore him but why should I be ignoring him? We weren't even dating so it's not like he cheated on me.

"Hey Luke." I fake smiled.

"Listen I'm sorry about last night."

"Why would you be sorry? We aren't dating Luke." He smirked a little bit.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Silence fell upon us and it gradually got awkward. "Listen I got to shower." I mumbled I didn't hear his reply before I turned and left. I spent most of the day in my room writing and painting, two things I enjoy doing.

When the night fell I wrapped myself in a blanket and walked out the back door to look up at the sky. The stars shined bright and I smiled because it was honestly beautiful. The back door opened behind me and I turned to see my mother. Tears were in her eyes. "Mom?" I questioned.

Sobs started to come out and I could see pain in my mothers eyes. "My beautiful daughter what have I done to you? I am so sorry I've been a terrible mother lately. I promise to never lay another hand on you just please give me your mother another chance. I can't let you grow up without both parents." Tears pushed their way through in my eyes. I've been waiting for this moment for so long and now here it is. "Oh mom." I whispered and we embraced each other. I never thought about actually forgiving her but I did.  I'm not sure how long the moment lasted but I'm completely grateful for it.

"I'm going to get some sleep" she mumbled as she pulled away "I'll see you tomorrow morning. We haven't had a mother and daughter day in awhile." I nodded and she left. My mother was back.

Luke's door opened next and himself came walking out. He saw me and managed a smile. Once again he jumped over the fence that separated us. "Hey." he said as he sat down next to me.

"Hey." I didn't look him in the eyes. Them eyes are way to hypnotizing.

"I've come to the conclusion that I do owe you an apology. I mean I like to think that you and I had something. Maybe I'm wrong. But, for now I don't want us to tiptoe around each other. Let's be friends like really good friends and we'll see where that takes us. I want to get to know you Serena like really get to know you."

"Me too Luke." I smiled. Me too.

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