My Hero

The struggles of the past have become the struggles of the present.
Luke is... Luke and Serena couldn't be more confused.


1. Today

I woke up for the final time this year, It was the end of my Junior year. I was looking forward to this summer because it didn't require socializing with anybody at my school. Don't get me wrong I have some friends like Bella even though we aren't as close as we used to be.

After we started Freshman year we started drifting I don't know how we even managed this last year or two.

My best friend Sarah is the only thing that keeps me actually waking up every morning and going to school. Everyone thinks I have this perfect life because my mom is a lawyer which means she makes a lot of money. But, that's not true she's always on business trips and when she's home she's an alcoholic.

She can't stand to even look at me after my dad died 3 years ago. It was a car accident that took his life. She blames it on me because he was on his way to pick me up from a meet after school.

"Serena!" I hear my mother calling me from downstairs most likely to tell me she was leaving again.

"I have to go now. Bye." And with that she left. Never has she once said 'I Love You' or even do something as simple as giving me a hug.

I never think much of it. I guess I was used to it by now.

After finally dragging myself out of bed. I jumped in the shower changing into skinny jeans, white tank top, my light blue hoodie, and finishing my outfit off with a black pair of converse.

I have to wear jeans and hoodies in the summer nobody can know these secrets that I hide.

Finally, I put a little bit of mascara and liquid eyeliner on my top eye lid. I throw my curly blonde hair into a ponytail and I stare into my bright blue eyes in the reflection in my mirror they've looked hollow ever since 2 days ago. When for the first time my mother hit me.

She looked scared afterwards and left. I didn't see her for a whole 24 hours when she did come home she locked herself in her room until this morning when she left.

I brush my teeth and run downstairs grabbing my keys, phone, and backpack skipping breakfast as usual.

When I arrive at school Sarah greets me by her usual parking spot which is right next to mine. We always make sure we park at the back of the parking lot where not a lot of students park.

"Serena Riley! Why the hell are you wearing that hoodie it's fucking 80 degrees outside?" She scolds me like every other day and every day I give her the same response.

"It's comfortable and cold in the school. It's not like I'm going to be outside anyway."

"You're like a vampire!" She laughs at her own joke and I join.

The rest of the walk to our first class is filled with pointless conversation. Her boyfriend Braden joins us half way down the hallway.

He literally controls Sarah he thinks he's a big shot because he's popular and has girls scratching at his ankles. I guess you could say we had a popular reputation too. Everyone from the Football team to the Cheerleading squad sits with us at lunch I don't consider any of them my friends even though I'm considered theirs. Every Friday Sarah, Bella, and I go to the parties usually held at Braden's house since his parents let him have one of the guest houses. Of course there is always drugs and alcohol involved.

I've done drugs twice to attempt to fit in. And I always at least have one drink per party.

When we reach English we don't do much because the teacher has already taught everything she was supposed to.

So, while everyone sat and talked about their plans for this summer I stayed quiet and pulled out my book 
"The Fault In Our Stars" even though I've already read it about 100 times.

When the bell rang I walked quietly behind Braden and Sarah to our next class we are all in the same classes. That was until Ellie the Cheer Captain walked up to me.

"Hey Serena!" She said in the peppy voice or hers "Are you going to the party tonight?"

"I don't think so. My moms wants to celebrate last day tonight at some fancy restaurant." I lied.

"Oh bummer. Parents suck. Maybe some other time and don't forget what I said about joining the squad next year. It would look great on a college application."

"Yeah, I'll think about it."

"Okay bye!" Before I could respond she was gone and I was already at my next class.

The next 2 classes went by extremely slow as did lunch everyone was talking about the party tonight. Supposedly it was suppose to be 'killer' as one of the Football jocks said to one of the Cheerleaders he was attempting to hit on.

The rest of the day went slower and every class was the same. But, I'd managed to finish my book for the 101th time this year.

I walked into the school parking lot with Bella and Sarah we promised to hang out as much as possible this summer and with that we went to our cars. Sarah was the first to drive off waving through the window. Next was Bella copying Sarahs actions. After minutes of just sitting there I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way through the mess of students and down my street.

When I pulled up into my parking lot I noticed moving trucks next door. I have been dreading the day someone would move into that house.

I feared that one night they would be able to hear my mom screaming at me after she had a couple of glasses of vodka in her system. I sighed and turned my car engine off. Taking out my keys and unlocking my door leading to silence throughout the house like every other day when my mother was gone.

I walked upstairs and into my room I kept my jacket on and changed into a pair of leggings that went to my knee.

Everyday I normally run through the woods behind mine and my lovely neighbors house. I was putting on my bright green Nike running shoes when I noticed movement in the window across from mine in the house next door. That's when I saw him he wore a black shirt, jeans, and shoes which seemed to be a pair of Vans.

Then he looked up and I noticed a lip piercing a small black hoop. His eyes were a bright blue and his dirty blonde hair was up in a quiff.

He looked to be around my age. I looked away shyly knowing I was caught staring and before I could embarrass myself anymore I put in headphones and started the music on my phone.

After about 4 miles I gave up and went inside to take a shower for the second time today.

After the shower I decided to change into a purple t-shirt and short black shorts since I wasn't planning on going anywhere and nobody was coming here. I decided to skip dinner, grabbed a blanket and sat out on the patio we had behind my house. It always got really cold at night no matter what season it was

Sitting outside and just looking at the stars made me forget every single bad thing holding me back in life. Looking at the stars was relaxing.

I've quit taking my medicine for depression it wasn't helping much.

I was awoken from my thoughts when I heard a door open at the house next to mine. Through the darkness that surrounded us. I saw

him. He stood there just staring at the sky. He must have sensed my eyes on him because he looked over in my direction. Before I knew it he was jumping over the fence separating our two houses and making his way towards me.

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