Black dawn

Break of dawn, hearing the children scream with joy, laughing.
For all I have been through, their laughter is beyond music to my ears...


3. New guard

      Another night guard will be here tonight......... It's as if they have replacements. Who would even want to work here? I've seen the application, it mentioned everything, exept for the animatronics nightly roam. It's only one-hundred dollars and fifty cents fir each week. Which, in my opinion, sucks. I mean I know very inch of this pizzaria. The animatronics could just go through the vents, or just go THOURGH the huge square opening.


                    When night falls, all the animatronics can roam... Exept me. I can only roam when my music stops. If the music starts agian, and I'm not in my box, strings attach to my wrists and drag me back to it. I never found out how.... Only when. It's like musical chairs, but backwards.

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