Black dawn

Break of dawn, hearing the children scream with joy, laughing.
For all I have been through, their laughter is beyond music to my ears...


2. Gifts

   When I awoke, the pizzaria was filled with children, laughing, and cheering. I heard a cranking noise from outside my box, then music started to play. I stood up, and the box opened. The children around my box, dancing with joy.........I smiled.


          After my shift, I went to the night guard room. So, I could clean up the mess. I straightened the papers, threw away the soda, and got rid of the body. I heard a giggle. I shot a glance behind me. "Hello~" the voice said. "Balloon boy, your shift isn't over...."I sighed. "I know~ but I wanted to see you."he whined.

         Balloon boy is a human child, his mother left him here at the pizzaria...alone. When I roamed the halls, before the night guards were needed, I found him in a corner, crying. I calmed him done, and helped him, becuase I knew the man that killed us all, was here. And I couldn't stand another child, murderd. So, I saved him. Another addition to my family.

      "Balloon boy, you need to go back to your shift"I said as I hugged him. "Yes ,marionette" he whined. He ran down the hall, to the pizzaria palace. I sighed as soon as he left. All these children of mine,                      

                                I gave them all a gift,

                                        A gift of life,

            I wanted to see them happy, and see them smile....

                          but they were different.



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