Black dawn

Break of dawn, hearing the children scream with joy, laughing.
For all I have been through, their laughter is beyond music to my ears...


4. Breaking

      It's twelve PM and my music already started. When I'm in my box, I travel in my thoughts

           "Where do the strings come from? Why do I have to suffer? Wh-"

         I was interupted by a low gargle. My music stopped. And the top of the box flung open. I sat in shock for a couple seconds, and snapped back to thought. "I need to warn the guard...before my music starts" I thought. I got up quickly, and dashed down the hall.

      A blinding light hit my face. The flashlight. He could now see me. When my eyes got used to the light, I could catch only a glimpse of him. He was frozen in fear. I stood very still, so I wouldn't frighten him even more. He dashed to the music box, on his desk and wound it up. I put my arm out , and ran toward him.he stopped winding, but didn't let go of the box. I needed to say somthing. I spoke slowly "D-Don't I w-won't hurt you."D-don't let go of the box" I whispered as I stepped toward him. He flinched. "It's ok... I won't hurt you" I whispered as I walked towards him. He stared in disbelief. I could see his feature now. He had ocean blue eyes, brown short hair, and was wearing a navy blue night guard outfit. I slowly bent down to his height. "Are you alright?" I asked in a whisper. He nodded quickly. "What is your Name?" I slowly asked. He didn't answer. I looked at his name tag. It said, David. "Hello, David" I whispered. "I'm marriontte". He flinched. A shiver went down my back. I quickly looked at the vent. Toy chica was stareing straight at David. Then she quickly disappeared. I heard a tune. David had dropped the box."I-I'm sorry, but I must... Leave" I whispered, panicked. I quickly got up and ran down the hall. I was a few yards away from my box, when two strings burst out my box. I whimpered. One of the cords slashed around my right wrist, sending a jolt of pain to my shoulder. I held in my scream, I didn't want David to hear. The other cord slapped around my left arm. It burned as it pulled on me. I fell to the ground, weakened from pain. The two strings quickly dragged me back to my box. Darkness all around me.

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