Finding Violette


1. Prologue

Hugo -

'I think it's a bottle' I muttered to myself, fiddling with the item that I'd just found in the clear blue Portugese waters.

'Duh' A girl behind me murmured, not realising that I could hear her.

'Excuse me' I said, swinging around. The girl had gorgeous green eyes and had frizzy brown hair. There was a mysterious feel to her.

'I was just pointing out the fact that you were simply stating the obvious' she sighed, a hint of a French accent to her voice.

'Okay' I said, whipping my head back around and staring out at the sea, the strange bottle still in my head.

'What you got there?' She asked.

I turned towards her and handed her the bottle.

She examined the bottle before, with a shocked look on her face, she handed me it back.

'Why do you look so surprised?' I asked.

'Nothing' she announced, before looking up at me and grinning.

'What's your name?' she said boldly.

'Huge Acker,' I smiled. Silent began for a few minutes as I watched as the clouds began to move away from the sun. I could tell that the girl in front of me was not used to the hot weather since she had a panicked look on her face.

'How hot exactly is it?' She asked, as if she'd read my mind.

'Last time I checked, 27 degrees' I muttered. She shuddered in response in which I couldn't help but crack a laugh too.

'Damn, I'm used to 16 degree summers' She sighed.

'So, what's your name?' I asked.

'V-violette' she stuttered.

Violette -

'Violette' I replied to Hugo since he'd asked me my name. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair and smiled.

'So, I know I only just met you but what the heck should I do about this bottle?' he asked. I sighed. What the heck was I meant to awnser to that?

'Um, I don't know' I mumbled, fiddling around with my plays.

'This may sound weird but would you maybe like to help me open it?'

Great, just great I thought. The bottle that I wanted someone to one day open and read to inspire them to have an adventure like mine is right in front of me.

'Hugo-' I muttered before something clicked in my mind. This summer has sucked so far. I mean, it was fun travelling but I hadn't had much fun. I was lonely - that's why I did this in the first place. But during this trip, I've still been lonely. Sure, I have met many great people on my way but I've known none of them for more then simply a few hours. Maybe I should play along with Hugo...

'Yea. Let's do that' Was this descision stupid? Well that was something that I needed to find out. I let a big grin out onto my face and looked up at Hugo. He was at least 5 inches taller than me and had a big mass of brown hair. His eyes were large and Hazel coloured. He had a big smile - so big that it overpowered the light of the beaming sun above us.

'How about we head to my house and use a bottle opener or something?'

'Okay' I nodded.

Hugo -

'Okay' Violette said, nodding.

'I'll lead the way' I grinned, marching off, occasionally checking that Violette was keeping up behind me.

When we finally arrived at my mansion of a house, I unlocked the front door and headed straight towards the kitchen.

'Where are we walking' Violette asked.

'To the kitchen' I smiled, as I turned the corner to the large kitchen.

It was painted yellow with white and cream coloured cupboards. There was an outstretched table which was usaully covered over by a floral print table cover and was surrounded by six wooden chairs with multicolour throws. There was a huge section by the table full of glass windows, showing us our beautiful, massive garden. The floor by the counters, fridge, oven, etc were yellow tiles, matching the walls. Each and every one of them had been drawn on by one of my two little sisters. By the table and glass windows was a yellow carpet that had been washed so many times it felt like it'd just been through a frier.

As we walked in, I slumped my beach bag on the table and grabbed a bottle opener from a drawer. Violette sat down on one of the chairs - a throw thrown over it, which was the colour of dark purple with red polka dots.

'This room is...colourful' She muttered. I burst out laughing as I brung the bottle opener and bottle to Violette and put them on the table. She immediately grabbed the bottle opener and began to twist it on the bottle.

'Done' she said, a few seconds later, resting her arms on the table.

'Impressive' I muttered as I stared down at the bottle. Inside it was a note. I reached down to it and grabbed it. It was crinkled up and I could just about see a few words etched onto it: Today I - then there was a damp patch with nothing on it apart from dried ink dots. It looked like somebody had rubbed a damp rubber on it a few times. At the bottom I could see, in tiny writing: and find me if you dare.

'Violette, we need to find whoever sent this bottle'.

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