Taking Chances

Destinee Michele


Justin Bieber

“I know people make promises all the time
Then they turn right around and break them
When someone cuts your heart open with a knife and you're bleeding
But I could be that guy to heal it over time
And I won't stop until you believe it
'Cause baby you're worth it”


3. Uno - Alyssa

Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.


You'll always have my shoulder when you cry

I'll never let you go,

Never say goodbye

You know you can count on me like one, two, three

I'll be there

And I know when I need it

I can count on you like four, three, two

And you'll be there

Cause that's what friends are supposed to do

“Mummy,” Destinee heard Jason’s voice from behind her.

“Yes, honey. I’m here, in the living room.” She heard his footsteps began to run. Jason, he had dirty blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes like his father. Jason, he is my son.

They moved to New York and had lived in a townhouse. They could go to Central Park in forty minutes at the latest.

Destinee’s mother, she was died due to breast cancer she had suffered five years ago. Destinee’s father was killed by a car. As he crossed the street near their home in their hometown – Leeds, London – he was struck by a car, he was comatose when he had arrived at the hospital and died some twenty minutes later.

“Mummy,” Jason immediately jumped and sat on Destinee’s lap.       

“What’s wrong, baby?” She brushed his hair to the side and cupped his chubby cheek with her palm. She kissed his forehead whilst trying to read his expression. A smile appeared on his face and when he wanted to say something someone knocked on the door. 

“Aunty!” Jason jumped off of Destinee’s lap and walked over to her as soon as Alyssa Hampton barged in happily through the door like she always did whenever she came to their house.

Alyssa Hampton was a model like Destinee. They worked in the same agency since the last few years. They had become the closest friend ever, they were like sisters. Though they had started in the different agencies they met six years ago when Destinee moved here, New York.

Destinee and Jason were watching Disney movie thirty minutes ago. Today was Sunday, the day when they had always spent by lounging around or watching movies together, just the both of them. Though in the evening or around seven Alyssa or Jesse or even the both of them, either way they would stay with them until Jason’s bed time at eight.

“Hey, little boy, want to see giraffes?” Alyssa asked him as she sat next to Destinee on the couch.

Jason’s brown eyes light up and his little smile grew wider as soon as ‘giraffes’ left Alyssa’s lips. “YES! Giraffes!”

One day, Destinee brought Jason to the zoo because he was fussy and kept crying. They walked around with Destinee kept on enlighten him with all of the information she got from Biology about animals. At the time they reached the giraffes’ area, Jason’s cry died down slowly with him sniffled through his nose and looked at the four giraffes behind the cage curiously. When she noticed his curious gaze she began telling him more about the giraffes and when she pointed at the baby giraffe that tried to stand on its legs with no avail, Jason’s bad mood faltered into the wide grin and cheerful laugh. From now on, every time she brought him to groceries shopping he would beg her to buy him any kind of things that related to the word ‘giraffe’. That was when she knew Jason’s love for giraffes.

Alyssa took a medium blue box from her Gucci bag. She smiled and handed it to Jason. Jason raised his eyebrow.

“This is for you, Jason.” Alyssa handed it to him and he looked at Destinee for approval.

Destinee smiled at him and turned her attention to Alyssa. “I told you, you shouldn’t bring him toys or things like that. I knew you need that money, too.” She tried to reach the box but Alyssa held it out off her grip.

“You do know I don’t really need it. And you also know that I love him so I can buy anything for him.”

Alyssa was loaded. Her parents’ wealth was more than enough to feed a small town for an entire month and became a supermodel with high payment would top it off.

Destinee rolled her eyes letting Alyssa knew that no matter what Destinee said there was no such a thing to stop what Alyssa wanted to do. She had always brought him new toys or any other gifts. Destinee didn’t want Alyssa to spend her money to buy him that. Destinee felt uncomfortable, knowing that her son was spoiled.

“It’s okay for now. But, I don’t want to see you bought him toys again.” Destinee said sternly.

She handed it to Jason. “I’ll just give it to him behind your back.” She stuck her tongue out at Destinee.

Destinee stirred in eggs, milk and vanilla and combined them thoroughly. She then added the Blueberries. Alyssa filled well-greased muffin tins with batter until two-thirds full.

“Bake them in 20 minutes,” Destinee told Alyssa whilst she put everything in the dish washer.

They were making some of Blueberry cupcakes. Jason really liked his cupcakes. Any flavor of them.

“Mummy, cupcakes?”

“20 minutes left, Jason.” Alyssa said.

A half and hour later


Jason was eating his favorite cupcakes, sitting on Destinee’s lap. Alyssa was lying on the couch opposite them.

“So, how about… Jesse?”

Destinee blushed. “Well…”

Jesse Willoughby. She had been with him since 4 years ago. They had introduced each other to their family. Jesse was an actor and model. He had starred in 20 movies, 5 televisions series and 3 music videos. He had modeled for Ralph LaurenArmaniAbercrombie and Fitch, and many more for ad fragrances. He was twenty six, three years older than Destinee and Alyssa.

“Spill. It. Right. Now.” Alyssa went crazy.

Destinee bit her bottom lip, absolutely nervous. “Remember when I went to a dinner with him yesterday?” She asked Alyssa still biting her bottom lip.

Alyssa grinned ear to ear, making her loose wavy styled blonde hair bounced up and down. The excitement appeared in her face. “Yes!”

Destinee took a deep breath, feeling a little hesitant to reveal what she was about to say because she knew how Alyssa’s reaction would be. “He proposed,” she said quietly.

“What did you say?” Alyssa’s icy blue eyes went wide and sparkled, her jaw dropped to the floor.

“He asked me to marry him,” Destinee sighed, this time she knew she couldn’t stay away from Alyssa’s never ending questions.

“Are you kidding me?” Alyssa exclaimed.

Destinee blushed even redder, deciding to not answering with any sound.

“Damn! I left you for a whole week and you didn’t even call to tell me the details about it.  I’m happy, so happy for you though.” She exclaimed. She walked over to Destinee and pulled her into her hug. Alyssa was doing another photo shoot for ELLE magazine last week in Rome, Italy.

Destinee hugged her back.

Alyssa pulled away and took a sit beside Destinee. “Tell me the details,” excitement appeared on her face.


09.00 PM


After Destinee told Alyssa about the sweet, romantic dinner Jesse had for her, Alyssa’s agency called her for a quick meeting. Jason was asleep on their bed. Yes, she shared a bed with him. Destinee just couldn’t let him sleep alone in his room yet. She knew what it felt like to sleep alone.

The noise from her phone told her there was a new message. Another buzz. Third. Fourth. She took her phone from the bedside table.


The zoo. Next weekend. Cancel everything. I miss you both. Xo


Good night, love. I mean fiancée. ;)


Don’t even try to forget. Xo


Or taking your fiancé with you. Just three of us. Xo

Destinee laughed and replied all of the messages. She knew Alyssa meant well. Alyssa was just… well, being her.

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