Through The Ages

This story is about the journey of Balthazar Black who has telekinesis he has a very big ego is kind of like a God type figure but his group that he travels with sees him as a friend and not a God. This story will be very entertaining to read and in my case to write it's going to be funny and adventurous so i hope you like it.


1. Prologue


I was born, but I'm  not sure how I was born, I might have just been here from the very beginning of time, my name is Balthazar Black I have the power of telekinesis, which means I can do powerful things with my mind. My mentor Hendrix Morgan who also was here from the beginning of time trained me. I learned quickly and gained quit in ego cause why wouldn't I think I am better then everyone else. Our story begins on a planet called Avaris, Avaris is a beautiful planet, almost as beautiful as me and that's saying something. We come to this planet during it's Dark Times where everyone is starving and has to work so hard just to keep a roof over their heads and that's all because of the knew ruler Draken Cain, he is a horrible human yet powerful and claims to be more powerful then the Gods well we will just see about that. I am going to round up a group of powerful people and see just how powerful he is, cause theirs no one ever who can be better and more powerful then me.

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